By 2022, more than 600,000 new urban jobs will be created

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January 25, the city’s human social security work conference was held.The meeting identified six priorities for 2022, which will focus on high-quality development, promote sound interaction between employment and industries, and ensure that people’s livelihood and the speed of development resonate at the same time.In grasping the basic aspect, zhuhai will take stable employment and residents’ employment as the primary task this year.We will guard against large-scale unemployment, ensure that more than 600,000 new urban jobs will be created throughout the year, and keep the surveyed urban unemployment rate within 5.5 percent.We will move faster to improve a fair, unified, and sustainable multilevel social security system that covers the entire population, balances urban and rural areas.We will continue to strengthen protection of the rights and interests of workers in new forms of employment.We will adopt a comprehensive approach to boost rural revitalization.In terms of innovation, zhuhai will broaden the channels of market-oriented and socialized employment and implement the “one pool, four alliances” action to improve quality and efficiency.We will actively yet prudently implement social security reform, and explore ways to include workers with unclear labor relationships in the coverage of work-related injury insurance policies.We will fully stimulate the innovation vitality of human resources, strengthen talent recruitment, platform education, activities to attract talent, encourage talent to be employed, and cultivate and gather more talents who are in short supply.In terms of projects, the city will implement the “Smart People’s Society” project to realize the digital transformation and intelligent upgrading of people’s society;We will implement the “Employment Efficiency Enhancement” project to increase the coverage of employment and unemployment management services, increase the supply of free recruitment services, increase the initiative in providing employment assistance, provide targeted skills training, and provide special services.We will carry out a project to improve the quality of social security, use a database to identify resources for expanding coverage, and encourage all participants to participate in the program.The implementation of the “talent strong chain” project, focusing on the city’s “14th Five-year” period of focus on the 33 industrial chain layout of talent chain, the construction of industrial talent demand catalog, to provide talent support for innovative development, industrial upgrading;We will implement the “100 billion leap” project, build a three-level matrix system of “1+10+N” industrial parks, explore synergies with human and financial capital, and standardize the healthy development of the industry.The city will continue to build employment and entrepreneurship brands, improve the employment brand of “Just in the mountain city”, the entrepreneurship brand of “Chongqing Create Chongqing New”, strengthen the live recruitment brand of “Chongqing Talents Come to you”, strengthen the career guidance brand of “Employment guide future”, and enhance the service brand of “Great Innovation Valley”.In terms of coordination, The city will focus on stabilizing employment, ensuring people’s livelihood, strengthening talents and building harmony, and jointly create a high-level model of coordinated development of people and social undertakings in Sichuan and Chongqing.In terms of employment, entrepreneurship, talent support, and public services, we will promote the coordinated development of “one district and two groups”.We should focus on the RCEP and China-New Zealand Connectivity projects and expand cooperation in talent introduction, training exchanges, conferences and competitions.At the same time, the city will steadily promote the “winter special action” to eradicate unpaid wages, to ensure that all confirmed problems of unpaid wages are solved before the Spring Festival.2021 Big data of Chongqing Human Resources Association: 751,000 new urban jobs are created in the city, up 14.5% year on year;Helped intelligent terminal industry enterprises to recruit 494,000 workers, boosting industrial output value to increase by 9.5% year on year;The employment rate of college graduates from Chongqing reached 96.5% at the end of the year, up 3 percentage points from the previous year.There were 24.94 million, 5.98 million and 7.66 million people participating in old-age insurance, unemployment insurance and work-related injury insurance in urban and rural areas, an increase of 1.24 million, 500,000 and 360,000 respectively over the previous year.Over 95% of urban and rural residents will be covered by old-age insurance.A total of 247 million yuan was recovered for 19,000 migrant workers.The total number of specialized and technical personnel in The city reached 2.03 million, the total number of skilled personnel reached 4.6 million, and 3,319 urgently needed talents were introduced.