Dream trip to the West: This year’s Lantern Festival five open can store a wave?

2022-04-24 0 By

Can you store yuanxiao at 50/50?Today, standing at the Angle of five open, analysis of five open in the end can store yuanxiao.First of all, if it was a few years ago, you don’t have to think about it, just hoard, as many as you have, and then your hands will be full of fantasy coins, and your heart will be happy.But now the situation is different, we should be very cautious, five steps advise everyone not to hoard, if you really want to hoard, you can choose to hoard dumplings, do not hoard all.Second of all, why would I suggest that?There are several main reasons.A: before, the small bag not out of yuanxiao, we can only get yuanxiao by burning physical strength, and then answer the question.Now small bags out of yuanxiao, as long as the fairy jade can be exchanged, you can say that as many yuanxiao as you want, there are as many yuanxiao.Under such circumstances, it doesn’t make much sense to hoard yuanxiao, but you can choose one.A few years ago, every year to store up yuanxiao, six kinds of yuanxiao to store up, and then out of a lot of dishes, but in 2018, a bit of garbage.Because that year the Lantern Festival activities became longer, and then pulled, since that year, the Lantern Festival is like that.Three: From the situation of these years, how many dream coins are collected in attack, speed and defense, and how many dream coins are released. Physical strength, mana and evasion are better.So the five steps suggest selective hoarding.Four: The Lantern Festival is really bad, every year to November, December, everyone is out of the Lantern Festival.We can fine taste, are out of yuanxiao, and then the tragedy.Five: Yuanxiao even out, still need to find a way out of food.Directly out of the food, three circles can not hurt, other dishes and too slow.Summary: suggest we do not hoard, if you really want to hoard, we can choose to hoard, do not hoard, you can choose to avoid yuanxiao.If you do hoard, almost in October, November when out, not until December.