“Gansu Ice and snow tourism promotion Ambassador” Li Jiajun served as the flag bearer of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games

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The much-anticipated opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games was held at the Bird’s Nest National Stadium on The evening of February 4.Former Chinese short track speed skating star, national snow and ice sports promotion ambassador, gansu ice-snow tourism promotion ambassador Li Jiajun debut as a firmly established, and the dunhuang feitian, dunhuang murals, and many other “elements” in gansu province with the Beijing games are the most beautiful collision, again ignited LongYuan children participate in the power of the games, to “some of the ice and snow” full of pride and enthusiasm.As a milestone figure, Li Jiajun has played an important role in the development of Ice and snow sports in China.He was introduced to ice and snow sports at the age of six and retired at the age of 31.Li Jiajun was the first Chinese men’s world champion in short track speed skating and the first Chinese male athlete to win a medal in Winter Olympics. During his career, he participated in 4 Winter Olympics and won 2 silver MEDALS and 3 bronze MEDALS. He was called a legend in China’s ice and snow sports.After retirement, Li jiajun is still deeply engaged in the field of ice and snow. He has successively served as a coach, team leader, competition manager, member of the Athletes’ Committee of the Beijing Winter Olympic Committee, and China’s first torchbearer of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.After being awarded the title of “National Ice and snow Sports Promotion Ambassador” in 2018, Li Jiajun was officially appointed as “Gansu Ice and snow Tourism Promotion Ambassador” in November 2019 at the invitation of Gansu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism. While wholeheartedly helping “300 million people participate in ice and snow sports”, li jiajun enthusiastically promotes the cause of ice and snow tourism and ice sports in Gansu province.The reason why Li jiajun was appointed as “Gansu Ice and snow Tourism Promotion Ambassador” is rooted in his deep love for Gansu and a gansu tourism leaflet that appeared on the streets of Beijing more than 20 years ago.In 1999, when the national team was preparing for the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, it needed to find a suitable venue in China to help athletes train for altitude sickness, he said.”When we were at a loss, we accidentally received a brochure for Gansu in the street.It is the only international standard indoor ice rink in northwest China. It is located in the Joy Park in western Lanzhou. It has a special name called Eskimo Village.”Li Jiajun remembers this well.Gansu province has always attached great importance to cultural communication and tourism promotion.As Li Jiajun said, Gansu has been promoting tourism in Beijing for more than 20 years!In recent years, seizing the opportunity of the Winter Olympics, gansu ice and snow tourism market is booming.Province has built in lanzhou xinglong mountain ski resort, dingxi wei river source scenic resorts, tianshui green cuckoo mountain ski resort, in linxia and zheng SongMing rock international ski resort, wuwei day wish wuxiaoling international ski resort, zhang ye shandan foshan ski resorts, jiayuguan Great Wall four seasons resort that hang 22 modern ski resorts, such as from god has given to natural ski resorts to complete equipments of ice and snow tourism enterprises,We have built a series of core products such as ice and snow sports, hot spring health care, ice and snow sightseeing and ice and snow folk experience.New forms of ice and snow tourism, such as “ice and snow + sports”, “ice and snow + culture”, “ice and snow + hot spring” and “ice and snow + family”, are emerging one after another.Various ice and snow tourism festivals, ice and snow carnivals, ice and snow carving competitions and other ice and snow themed tourism activities are colorful, attracting tourists into Ruyi Gansu and enjoying a fantasy ice and snow journey.A peck shows the whole panther.From the rapid development of snow and ice tourism in Gansu, we can see the continuous popularization of snow and ice sports in China.As the national ambassador of ice and snow sports promotion and gansu ambassador of ice and snow tourism promotion, Li Jiajun has been committed to promoting and popularizing the mass ice and snow sports, hoping that ice and snow sports can bring more possibilities to the development of ice and snow tourism in Gansu.Spring Festival winter Olympics, tourism year flavor.Accompanied by the province wen brigade system “, the games are over annual spring green yumenguan “one hundred thousand field, celebrate the games, the games are cultural activities enjoyed LongYuan -” harvest, swim in gansu province “winter and spring series of cultural tourism huimin activities into the games, spring theme cultural tourism activities were extensively developed, and once again raised the ice and snow sports in gansu province and upsurge of ice and snow tourism promotion,Snow and ice tourism has become a beautiful scenery in winter and spring in Longyuan.In the past 7 days of Spring Festival holiday, the snow and ice tourism in full swing led the province to receive 7.5 million tourists and realize the tourism income of 4.2 billion yuan. The snow and ice tourism in Longyuan is heating up continuously and stepping on the road of high-quality development.(By Lu Xueen, Gansu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism) Source: gansu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism Website