Huimin County Administrative Examination and Approval Service Bureau: The New Year new journey full of vitality to start again

2022-04-24 0 By

Public network · poster news reporter Duan Feng correspondent Wang Weiwei Binzhou New Year new weather, dry word first.February 7 is 2022 on the first day of work after the lunar New Year holiday, southeast of administrative examination and approval service staff quickly switch from “new status” to “work mode”, and full of enthusiasm to input into the service work for the people of the New Year, from full open struggle mode, to have a New Year, good article.At 9:00 am, in the comprehensive service area of The Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau of Huimin County, after the Spring Festival holiday, the staff of the window has returned to their posts, carrying out consulting, assisting, auditing, certification and other business work normally, providing high-quality, efficient and convenient services for the masses.”My name two construction engineering company went out of town to bid, need to change the legal representative, I don’t know how to operate, thought process will take several days to unexpectedly came to the hall, ‘red ma3 jia3 staff take the initiative to come forward to offer attache the service, less than 1 hour to help me out a new license, work efficiency is really high!”Huimin County In a comprehensive service window with two freshly baked business licenses can not restrain the excitement of the heart, expressed deep gratitude to the staff.”Today is the first day after the festival, but also a new starting point for us to start the struggle of the New Year, we should be more full of enthusiasm into the work, full of electricity, riveting, heart with affection to do a good job of window service work, for the economic and social development of good government environment to contribute their own strength.”Huimin County administrative examination and approval service bureau window staff said.Service for the people “all online”, collect the heart gather energy foot.In the face of the possible service peak after the holiday, Huimin County administrative examination and approval Service Bureau planned in advance and made reasonable arrangements to facilitate and meet the needs of the masses to the greatest extent.By 15:00 on the same day, there were more than 80 window consultations, inquiries and transactions, and 10 assistant agents in the whole process.A New Year, a new beginning.Huimin County Administrative Examination and Approval Service Bureau will be more pragmatic style, more exciting spirit, in the road of high-quality development, braving waves, courageously forward.