More than 300 volunteers received service training online

2022-04-24 0 By

Report from our newspaper (Zhuzhou Evening News rong media reporter/Xie Jia correspondent/Lu Yuhui) On February 17, zhuzhou love time bank platform online operation training sponsored by the municipal civilization office and the Civil affairs Bureau.More than 300 volunteers participated in the online training.You can deposit your money into time and Love and withdraw your money from Help Service. This is the Love Time Bank.The training invited zhuzhou Love Time Bank technology team as the speaker, with the platform operation and use as the center, through PPT, play operation video and other ways from volunteers, volunteer team registration, activity release, check-in, points certification and other specific operation content, for the volunteers to carry out a systematic explanation.The training is carried out through the simulation of volunteers, volunteer team registration and service project release, so that the volunteers are further familiar with the specific operation functions of the platform, and contribute to promoting zhuzhou volunteer service work.