Sagintayev was dismissed as mayor of Almaty

2022-04-24 0 By

Bakhtzhan Sagintayev has been dismissed as mayor of Almaty, according to a decree posted on the Akorda website, Tengri News reported.According to the decree of the head of state, Sagintayev was removed from his post as mayor of Almaty for transfer to another post, it said.Kazakh President Tokayev was reported in an interview to have discussed a petition calling for the resignation of Almaty Mayor Bakhtzhan Sagintayev.”Do you want the mayor of Almaty to stay?As for the mayor, he’s really in trouble, apparently for the first time in his life.After all, in this situation, in this environment, not everyone can find a solution.I don’t blame him. He’s a conscientious man.But I also have to take into account the mood of the people of Almaty, so the time is up — you’ll find out.”Tokayev was asked by a reporter from khabar TV channel.Bakhtjan Sagintayev has been mayor of Almaty since 28 June 2019.Before that, he served as head of the presidential palace for several months and as prime minister from September 2016 to February 2019.In addition, he has served several times as Minister of Regional Development, Minister of Economic Development and Trade, and Governor of Pavlodar State.Source: Tengger News Network