What’s the difference between a viola and a violin?Can you teach yourself the violin?

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The main differences between the two are as follows.For example: shape, pitch and timbre and so on.1. Shape: The shape of the former looks larger than the latter.The bow head is also slightly curved and looks longer overall.If you want to choose the former as an instrument to study, it should be noted that the instrument is best at 21 inches.The overall size of the latter looks smaller than the former.2. Pitch: The pitch of the former is lower than that of the latter.The high string of the latter is an “E”, A full five degrees higher than the high string of the former is an “A”.So the listener can often hear the latter’s overall tone being lower than the former’s, which is more melodious and clear.3. Different timbre: the former instrument has darker timbre and is usually used as an instrument for filling harmony in performances, rarely used as a solo;The latter instrument has the highest range of Musical Instruments in their classification, and its beautiful timbre, implicit and rich expression content, smooth and diverse changes, so it is suitable for any form of performance.Can you teach yourself the violin?You can learn by yourself.But at the beginning of the instrument, it is necessary to learn more about it.It is recommended to buy relevant books to master some basic knowledge.At this time, if you can find a senior or teacher to guide yourself, learning results will be more significant.No matter what kind of musical instrument to learn, self-study or seek teacher advice, the most important thing is to see whether you are willing to practice hard.