Winter college style dress is very colorful, master two collocation ideas, to avoid bloated modeling

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With the change of The Times, people will pay more and more attention to the texture of clothing. The fabric of clothing is delicate and feels very soft, and the superior texture can increase the sense of fashion, and the personal taste of wearing will also improve.When we choose clothes to match, the fabric of clothing is a reference to choose an idea. In addition, we also need to know about the style of wearing, so that we can choose corresponding clothing items to complete wearing, which is conducive to the full display of the sense of shape.Referring to the college wind to wear, we can clearly understand the unique glamour of clothing style and wear a rich and colorful side, see the following wear demonstration, to the individual in the future dress up also very helpful oh!Winter preppy dress is coming, choose light color clothes to unlock the dress, which is eye-pleasing and fashionable, winter preppy dress is very colorful, master two collocation ideas, to avoid bloated modeling.Winter college wind is worn basically with dress up tender, increase vitality feeling is premise, visible from this, the dress sheet that light color fastens tastes can be called the first selection greatly.Wind wear by the charm of elegant demeanour winter winter institute wind of outfit can be said to be the milk of milk, in general will choose light color fastens clothing primarily, apricot, milk tea color, shallow coffee color and light yellow a few pure and fresh quietly elegant color as a mainstream choice, at the same time combined with a soft waxy texture of fabric, select sweater or cloth coat to match are very representative.In winter, everyone’s dress will be mainly dark clothing, in order to avoid the dirty effect of clothing, combined with the shrinking effect of color, it can easily ease the bloated feeling of modeling, and in the role of color versatile collocation with any clothing items are not illegal.But the dress of brunet department is not advantageous when collocation college wind wears build, so suggest everybody to begin to choose light color department dress collocation, combine quietly elegant tonal feeling to enhance charm, enough to enhance vitality, show a nifty and lovely, sweet one side.Milk white color with light color fastens sweater sweater reference item, in the process of collocation can well show the charm elegant demeanour, milk white loose knit unlined upper garment, for example, color is very pure and fresh and beautiful, with a hint of soft color feeling, show a tender and sweet flavor of the United States, combined with a contrast color design style, at the same time, increase the suction eye,The whole look looks more fashionable and charming.In general, light-colored knitted pieces are soft and waxy, which is better for a preppy look, so look for high-waisted jeans or a skirt to pair them with.From a modeling point of view, the color matching with light color or a dark and light color matching effect is the key to enhance the sense of atmosphere.College wind wear recommended in khaki knitting cardigan take white lotus leaf collar shirt khaki knitting cardigan, show the design of temperament, are relatively more senior in general with color tonal show light sense of luxury, at the same time under the exquisite collocation of knitting fabric, garment style is contracted and the atmosphere, at the same time increase the hair bulb design style, clothing style of delicate degree will also increase.At the same time, khaki style cardigan to create college style to wear a way, inside a white lotus collar shirt is very good, no matter from the color, or from the clothing style, are very light luxury eye.At the same time in the lotus leaf collar fashion design, looks very delicate, very suitable for young girls to choose.Dirty orange turtleneck top with white corduroy coat dirty orange retro flavor is relatively rich, so when choosing clothes to match the process, try to avoid choosing pure dirty orange clothes, otherwise the whole person will look old.In addition, we can also carry out a certain relief in the collocation, master the technical wear, with dirty orange turtleneck as the inside of the top and white corduroy coat to match will be very good.Dirty orange, as a kind of retro color, is also a typical dark color, so in the process of collocation and contrast with the clothing of light color, dark color to fold the collocation way to enrich the modeling, the modeling level will be more attractive.Senior green hoodie suit usually, the collegiate style is worn with the idea of reducing age, so compared with personality, strong sense of fashion clothing, choose minimalist style clothing to match will be more appropriate.A dark green hoodie suit, for example, is a good choice.The clothing sheet of recreational design is tasted basically with dress extremely brief style will enhance fashionable aesthetic feeling, also be a kind not to dress up asignedly tender collocation plan likewise, at the same time, still can fold the round T-shirt that wears a white increases administrative levels, show elegant appearance of trend vogue.Therefore, it would be appropriate for people to wear this type of clothing as part of their daily commute.