@ten million Zhengzhou people, this is the seventh letter to you!

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Dear fellow villagers: In an instant, Renyin New Year is in sight, I wish you and your family a happy New Year!In this ugly year, we have experienced so much together. Our home was hit hard by the July 20 torrential rain and several rounds of COVID-19.In the face of the sudden disaster, 12.6 million People in Zhengzhou joined hands, stood together through thick and thin, and helped each other. After fighting together and overcoming difficulties, they launched a nationwide campaign of fighting flood conditions, fighting against the epidemic, protecting lives and protecting their homes, and achieved hard-won results.Zheng Newspaper all media reporter Ma Jiantu although the process is very difficult, but we have already passed.Today, our homes are fully unsealed, our city is back to normal, and everywhere we look, there are bright smiles to welcome the Spring Festival.Standing at the end of the year suddenly look back, in the past year, there are 12.6 million footsteps, there are 12.6 million amiable and respectable lovely faces — we will not forget that in the invasion of our homes in the rare torrential rain, more than 20,000 grassroots Party organizations and more than 400,000 Party members smell “flood” and move, charge in the front;We have seen that our families helped each other in the rainstorm, holding hands in the torrent and lifting up in the whirlpool. We mobilized the strength of the whole city and got help from all sides, overcoming difficulties and difficulties, and writing earth-moving stories.We will never forget that every time the epidemic hit, baymax’s busy figure was accompanied by a number of “little Red” volunteers, including white-haired retirees and high-spirited college students.They said, “The city gave us a lot of warmth, and now the city needs us. We join the volunteers, and the city is’ two-way ‘.”We will never forget that in order to fight against the epidemic at the beginning of 2022, we have taken active actions. Among them, we have taken the innovative action of “knocking on the door + door-to-door service” to ensure that nucleic acid testing should be done as much as possible.There is a “green channel for maternal and newborn medical assistance” to address the concerns of people’s livelihood;There is a “Zheng in the fight against COVID-19, emergency help channel” for media assistance.We have been on the hot search hot list for many times, was praised by netizens “Zhengzhou speed”, “Zhengzhou temperature”.We will never forget that this epidemic started with snow, and that night there was snow and snow, but every citizen who took nucleic acid tests overnight had no complaints and everything was in good order.The epidemic, in another snow, get stage victory, in the circle of friends, the villagers basked in a variety of “snowman”.Some snowmen are “nucleic acid testing” site, some snowmen were humorous wearing “masks”……Zheng Newspaper all media reporter Ding Youming map we see, is the villagers enjoy snow play snow happiness;What can not be seen is the optimism and tenacity of the fight against the epidemic, as well as the indomitable efforts of each and every one of us, as well as the hard work of more than 30,000 people to remove snow day and night to ensure travel.Today, our city has been completely lifted lockdown, the whole area is a low-risk zone, restaurant food has been restored, cultural entertainment and science and technology venues have been opened in an orderly manner, the New Year atmosphere on the streets is increasingly thick, the traffic is back to the original……We see that everyone is working hard for your life, busy for the New Year, and striving for your dreams!A year has come, not without frustrations;All the way to the end.All the way to the end.It is every ordinary you and ME, working silently in the ordinary, that makes this extraordinary city and this extraordinary era.It is you and me who have persevered and never given up that have jointly composed the most assured symphony of this era.Disaster and setbacks bring, there is pain, but also a rebirth of the strong and unity of one heart.Zheng Newspaper all media reporter Ding Youming tu dear villagers, at this moment, when another Spring Festival is coming, we understand the meaning of the Chinese New Year than ever before: it is the hope of family peace and reunion, it is the bustling city of daily fireworks, it is the blessing of peace and prosperity of the country and people.At this moment, when we look back at the past year, we have gone through the ups and downs, over the trenches and difficulties, we are more aware of the past year, we went through the trials and tribulations, you and I together carried, survived, rushed through, fight through, every one of you, is the hero of the city.At this moment, when we are about to end the ugly year full of emotion, effort, struggle and persistence, we cherish each hard-won present more than ever.Meet disaster, we hand in hand through;Encountered the epidemic, we shoulder to shoulder;Meet glory, we laugh together;Meet the future, we go together.Dear villagers, the New Year is coming. I wish you and your family a lucky New Year, a smooth work, a healthy family and a thriving tiger.Perhaps the impact of the epidemic has prevented you from going home this Spring Festival.Please be assured, then, that our home is as warm as we can, with ample supplies and abundant cultural and recreational activities, as ever.Ding Youmingtu, media reporter of Zheng Newspaper, you may have planned a time schedule to get together with your friends and family. So, please be sure to actively practice “one, two, three” and “one, two, three” in the prevention and control of the epidemic. Everyone should cherish the hard-won achievements of fighting the epidemic and protect our common home.To carry out regular epidemic prevention and control is to ensure that the years are calm and no longer easily disturbed, and to ensure long-term health and peace.Dear folks, winter is over, snow is melting, grass is green.On the occasion of the Arrival of the Spring Festival and the ringing of the New Year bell, let us pray for peace and prosperity.Folks, tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, the day after tomorrow is New Year’s Day, let us say goodbye to the past year, thank you, thank you for every one of our homes and pay the sweat and efforts of you!Zheng Newspaper all media reporter Ma Jiantu united to look forward, together to fight.Let us rush forward to the future together. Let us go forward hand in hand to write a magnificent chapter of our era and our common home.I wish dear villagers good luck in the New Year, smooth work, peace, joy and well-being.Office of Zhengzhou COVID-19 Prevention and Control Command Office January 30, 2022 Source ma Zihan, editor of Zhengzhou COVID-19 Prevention and Control Command Office