“I am on duty during the Spring Festival” Director Meng Qingbin visited the personnel on duty during the Spring Festival

2022-04-25 0 By

New Year’s Day morning, the provincial Department of Transport party secretary, director Meng Qingbin came to the provincial Department of Transport emergency monitoring hall, in the duty hall leadership, deputy department level cadres Accompanied by Hu Bin, visited the frontline duty personnel on duty.Meng Qingbin extended New Year’s greetings to everyone, and went to the staff on duty, one by one greeting, kindly asked the unit of the staff on duty, when the shift, system operation and so on.Finally, Meng Qingbin on behalf of the party group to the front line on duty to thank the hard work of the staff, I hope we continue to stick to the post, fulfill their duties, hard WORK, I am one, convenient for ten million people, to provide intimate, warm heart, quality travel services for the masses of the people.A figure read | 2022 province transportation work report in 2022, the province’s transportation work conference held in jinan a figure understand | the “difference” comprehensive transportation development plan in shandong province of shandong province transportation hall in-depth study and implement the national comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network planning outline: look!This is shandong traffic in 2025