Low carbon life starts from me

2022-04-25 0 By

Tianjin Rongcheng Group requires all employees to actively participate in energy saving, emission reduction, green and low-carbon activities. I thought about it carefully and thought that we should start from the details of life first.After the outbreak in Jinnan, Tianjin, I didn’t know when it would end, so I bought more fruit.Together with the gifts from friends during the Spring Festival, the actual stock greatly exceeds my consumption capacity.As the weather is getting warmer, some fruits have begun to dry up or rot.This is the consumption of a large amount of energy production out of the human survival of precious resources, can not be wasted.There are too many apples, at least there are dozens of jin left.That’s okay. There’s nothing difficult for a food connoisseur.Wash and peel the apples.Slice and spread a portion on the radiators scattered around the house, turn it over the next day, and harvest the next, and you have a big bowl of sweet, sour, crisp apple chips.The rest of the apple slices, chopped into the pot, simmer for 15 minutes, then pour into the household food blender, add a little tomato sauce, stir fully into a thick paste, pour out after cooling, into a few bottles prepared in advance, put in the refrigerator, eat as you like.Chips and yams with applesauce, it’s delicious.These two dishes basically do not need to use a lot of energy, only manual operation, the use of waste heat, which not only saves food, but also creates delicious, highlighting the green and low-carbon lifestyle.A batch of rotten apples, two new recipes.All in response to the group’s call for a green and low-carbon life.Too many people, too little energy;Low carbon life, the earth is good.