AC Milan’s bid for a new central defender has been blocked by Juventus and lille are asking too much

2022-04-26 0 By

Ac Milan are currently looking for a central defender across Europe, as the team has a number of holes in defensive design, especially after the injury to Mikael Kjal.The rossoneri lack a reliable defender to provide stability at the back.Romagnoli has fallen far short of expectations and tomoli’s continuing injuries have led to a relatively low attendance rate, so a new acquisition was necessary.In combination with the club’s transfer strategy and practical personnel selection, Portman should be a safe choice for Milan today, and the team and the player have reached an agreement.For his part, the Dutch centre-half is keen to join AC Milan either in this transfer window or in the summer.While negotiations with agents and players were successful, talks with Lear were difficult.Lille have insisted on relaxing their offer of around 30 million euros after being linked with other clubs such as Juventus and Tottenham.This is a huge sum for AC Milan, and if they spend 30 million euros, milan will not only close in this transfer window.In the next transfer window, there is also the possibility of a huge funding gap, which is not good for the club as a going concern.Milan are understood to have offered as little as 25 million euros, which is far from lille’s idea.The 25 million includes a variable bonus, so negotiations between the two clubs are likely to be the main obstacle to a quick deal.