Cerebrovascular blocked, what changes does the head have?How can it be prevented?Article tell

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With the improvement of living standards, our work and rest patterns and diet have changed a lot.In recent years, there are more and more cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, especially in the elderly. When they get older, their vasoconstriction becomes worse and they are prone to vascular blockage.This can lead to blood clots in the brain, high blood pressure, and atherosclerotic diseases that are hard to spot if not noticed, often long after the patient has been ill by the time he or she sees a doctor.Blood vessel blockage in the early detection and treatment is very important, over time, will greatly damage our brain cells and nerves.Even after recovery, two-thirds of patients suffer sequelae, including numbness, muscle wasting and reduced mental capacity.Therefore, in the early stage, we can pay attention to the abnormal changes of the body, among which the abnormality of the head is the most obvious. When there are these four changes, we should seek medical treatment in time.First, what is vascular blockage?In the normal operation of our human body, blood circulation is indispensable.Blood supplies each place through heart beat, let organ and body can get sufficient blood and nutrient material, if be constitution poor or old people, the circulation inside blood vessel becomes slow, the function of blood vessel wall also increases as age and become poor, the impurity in blood is piled up very easily cause blockage.The brain is the worst affected by the blockage.The proportion of blood supply in the brain is very high, which leads to cerebrovascular disorders after blockage, leading to cerebral stroke. Facial paralysis caused by stroke will affect the memory of patients, damage the brain function of patients, and the death rate after stroke is also the highest.Every 12 seconds, someone has a stroke. Most of these are caused by a blockage in a blood vessel.If you are lucky, you can ask the doctor to do heart stents after you get sick. The cost is about 30,000 to 50,000 yuan, not including the cost of hospitalization and daily diet. Suffering from such diseases will undoubtedly bring a certain economic burden to every family.The elderly population because of the decline of physical function, blood purification system will be weak, affecting blood viscosity, resulting in stroke people everywhere.Sadly, by the time most patients choose to seek medical attention, their symptoms are already very serious.When blood vessel blockage symptoms patients are not easy to find, we usually dizziness, blurred vision, etc., may be related to blood vessel blockage.People over 60 need to pay more attention to their body’s signals.Two, guard against the head of these four changes when the blood vessel blockage, the head is the most obvious symptoms.The head is the commander of the human body, but also the most complex organ of the human body. When blood vessels are blocked, we should pay attention to the abnormalities of the head, and these changes will occur: 1.I have a headache.Inside our head is the brain, which has very high requirements for blood supply and oxygen supply. When blood vessels are blocked, blood flow slows down and not enough blood reaches the brain, and headache symptoms may occur.In the early stages of blockages, headache symptoms are episodic and may be of short duration, and patients often don’t pay much attention to them, thinking they are simply caused by sleep deprivation.As blood vessels become more clogged, the duration and pain of the headache become more severe.Especially at night headache is more obvious, but also accompanied by difficulty in falling asleep, ordinary headache may be better after an attack.But the headache caused by blocked blood vessels will not heal itself, can only rely on medicine or surgery to treat, when we have more and more severe headache, it is necessary to consider whether the blood vessels blocked.2. Blurred vision.When the blood vessels are blocked, the lack of blood flow to the brain severely affects the blood flow to the eyeballs.When the blood is not smooth, the eye will be ischemic, visual nerve compression, patients appear to see blurred, temporary black eyes, limited field of vision, vision loss, this kind of situation and presbyopia cataract is very similar, not easy to cause the attention of the patient’s friends, often think it is caused by their own eyes too much.Without intervention, the eyes can become increasingly blurry and even blind.The long-term blood supply of the visual nerve is insufficient, and changing the habit of using the eye or taking reading glasses is not enough to change the vision. At this time, the degree of ischemia of the brain is very serious. When the vision is blurred in the early stage, our patient friends should determine what is the cause of the eye blur, so as to facilitate the appropriate medicine.3. Occasional nosebleeds.Blockage of blood vessels in the brain can cause increased blood pressure, which is easy to induce cerebral hemorrhage and outflow along with the nasal cavity.Especially when the weather is dry, nosebleeds in patients are usually not considered blocked blood vessels, and the cause is not generally diagnosed.After a long time, blood vessel blockage is serious, the frequency of nosebleeds will increase, there will be hypoxia, so when we have nosebleeds, we must determine the cause to prevent blood vessel blockage.4. Facial tics.Blood affects our nerve conduction, and when the blood supply is low or slow, the central nerve of the brain is damaged and the facial nerve goes out of control, and we find that one side of the mouth is skewed out of control.In addition, there are mouth nerve conduction induced problems, easy to drool symptoms, these are caused by blocked blood vessels, in the discovery of this kind of situation, should pay special attention to.Third, what causes the blockage of blood vessels?1. Age.We all know that the older you get, the worse your body functions.Old friends slow metabolism, dietary intake of cholesterol, low density protein, etc., can not be discharged in time, a long time to accumulate in the blood vessel, unable to discharge.The blood vessels of the elderly are also more softening, the recovery ability is poor after the disease, and the blockage is easy to cause cerebral infarction.2. Heavy smokers can also contribute to blood vessel blockage.Smoking for a long time not only causes damage to the lungs, but also affects the viscosity of the blood. The body cannot absorb the excessive toxins in tobacco, which will accumulate in the blood vessels and cause blockage.Some older friends smoke for decades, if it is very difficult to quit smoking, you can start from less smoking, gradually decreasing, to reduce the damage to the body.3. Patients with hypertension are prone to blood vessel blockage.If our blood pressure is extremely high, the walls of our blood vessels can become hyperplastic and thick, narrowing the space inside the blood vessels and causing them to become clogged.Hypertension has high lateral pressure on the blood vessel wall, causing damage in the blood vessel. These damaged cells are also easy to invade the blood vessel, form accumulation, cause atherosclerosis and induce vascular blockage. Therefore, it is important to monitor your blood pressure in time.4. People with high blood fat.Hyperlipidemia is also less likely to be detected in patients with the disease than vascular blockages, and is usually associated with inactivity or obesity.After the elevation of blood lipids, blood becomes thick, even if blood vessels function normally, these thick blood circulation will slow down, internal impurities, easy to deposit in the inner wall of blood vessels, causing vascular blockage.5. People who don’t eat well.Many people like high oil and high fat food, feel it strong taste delicious fragrance, these high oil fatty foods, after enters the body to absorb more difficult, especially the elderly, intestines and stomach function is poor, to eat greasy food in particular, the oil absorption into the blood stream, the time is long blood viscous, formation of blood clots.How to prevent vascular blockage?Especially for the elderly, the prevention of vascular blockage is to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral infarction and other diseases.As we know, blood vessel blockage can induce a variety of diseases. If blood vessel blockage can be effectively prevented, these diseases can be eliminated. We can start from the following points: 1.Exercise more.Exercise can not only enhance the heart and lung function, but also promote blood circulation. The circulation of blood in the activity becomes faster, which can reduce the probability of blood vessel blockage.The body of the elderly will gradually weaken, in the pension at the same time, but also to carry out more outdoor sports, like Tai Chi, walking is a good choice.However, remember to avoid the burden of exercising too much.2. Avoid foods high in salt.Too much salt will cause high blood pressure and increase the risk of vascular diseases. The average salt intake per person in China is about 10 grams per day, while the international standard is less than 5 grams. We are far higher than this standard, so when we cook, try to put less salt and eat a light diet.3. Control your weight.Weight gain leads to hyperlipidemia and hypertension, both of which are important causes of vascular blockage. If the weight is too high, the proportion of fat in the body will increase, resulting in hyperlipidemia and hypertension.When we are overweight, we should shut up and eat as little as possible to ensure the basic nutrition of the day. Eating 7 minutes full at each meal is also good for the stomach.4. Be in a good mood.As the saying goes, mood is the cure for everything, especially when we are angry, it can cause the lining of blood vessels to constrict, causing high blood pressure, accelerating the aging and stiffness of blood vessels, and triggering the risk of blockage.Therefore, in life, maintain emotional stability, not irritable or nervous, to reduce the risk of vascular disease.5. Never stay up late.Staying up late has different degrees of damage to all organs of the body, which can cause endocrine disorders and induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Staying up late is also a risk factor for vascular blockage.When we stay up late, the blood vessels in the body are in a state of ischemia and hypoxia, the body organs can not be repaired, and the garbage in the blood vessels is deposited. People who stay up late for a long time are more likely to have blood vessels blocked, so we try to ensure that we go to bed before 11 o ‘clock at night.6. Check in regularly.If you have more than 60 years old, and then once or twice a year of physical examination is essential, of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and blood vessel disease, patients with early is not easy to be found, at the beginning of the illness, only by data to monitor their own physical condition, achieve early discovery, early treatment, avoid delay caused deterioration.7. These foods help to unclog blood vessels.In life, in addition to avoiding high-calorie and high-fat food, the elderly should also eat more food that is beneficial to blood vessels, such as black beans, fruits and vegetables, eggplant, soy milk, etc., which can neutralize the viscosity of blood, speed up blood circulation, avoid blood vessel blockage, and clean up the dirt in blood.8. Keep drinking.Normal people a day of drinking water in 1500ml to 2000ml, if lower than this standard, the blood will become sticky, this is due to the reduction of water in the blood, easy to coagulation.In particular, morning and noon are the high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. During this period, adequate drinking water should be guaranteed to reduce the viscosity of blood.To sum up, there are a lot of risks caused by vascular blockage, which is prone to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and other diseases.In particular, middle-aged and elderly people, for them, the deterioration of the body function, but also give the opportunity to disease.In addition, the early symptoms of vascular blockage are not obvious, but also to increase the treatment of certain difficulties.However, abnormalities in the head can be detected when blood vessels are blocked.If there is a headache, nosebleeds, blurred vision, facial convulsions, must cause attention, these symptoms and daily diseases are easy to confuse, if you do not see a doctor to determine the condition, in case of blood vessel blockage will delay the treatment time.What’s more, the prevention of diseases is also particularly important. We should keep a healthy living habit and diet structure in our daily life.