Driver of midnight snack line across 5 districts, how did he spend his Spring Festival

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In the Spring Festival holiday just ended in the year of the Tiger, midnight snack line 316 road driver Wang Cong and previous years, is still spent on the post.”Punctuality” is the midnight snack line’s biggest responsibility
Road 316 is a midnight bus line, with 5 drivers driving in shifts every half an hour, starting at 23:00, traversing minhang, Changning, Putuo, Jing ‘an, Huangpu five districts, the whole journey of nearly 25 kilometers, about 80 minutes, connecting hongqiao hub and the Bund.At 2:30 in the morning on the second day of the lunar New Year, I saw the 316 bus driven by Wang Cong at the Bund terminal station. Wang Cong said frankly that “punctuality” is the most important responsibility of midnight snack line drivers.”There are fewer midnight trains, and many passengers who come home late have to change to other lines.In winter it is not pleasant to wait half an hour longer in the wind.”Wang Cong has been working on this bus snack line for more than two years, carrying all kinds of passengers.To the Spring Festival, there are not many passengers, even fewer, “more are hongqiao departure station airport staff, there is a substitute driver, staff along the line.”Although I could not name them, over time, the driver and passengers seemed to become the most familiar strangers, and a kind of closeness arose spontaneously in my heart. “The departure station will chat with each other and say happy New Year to each other after the Chinese New Year.””What’s the difference between running a midnight train and a white train?””Night shift drivers should pay special attention to safe driving, as there are fewer cars on the road at night and drivers tend to relax.But the more time like this, the less we can relax.Pay attention to observe at the intersection and control the speed in the process of driving.”Wang specifically mentioned that he always puts his foot on the brake when he does not press the switch. “For veteran drivers, this has become a muscle memory.””Happy to go to work, safe and secure all off work”
Wang Cong has been a bus driver for 13 years. Before driving the midnight snack line, he had driven many routes — 74, 190, 197, 867…He proudly said that the midnight snack line requires old drivers to serve, driving experience requirements in 3-5 years.At present, there are seven drivers on Road 316 with an average driving experience of more than 10 years.More than two years of work the night shift, wang cong form their work habits, “go home in the morning to eat a meal, I usually can’t fall asleep, to go to bed until after 2 PM, at night, in advance to the company the vehicle more check again, if the car on the way is out of order must be enormous, try to avoid the car out in spite of illness.”This day and night life, more or less will have an impact on the family.It is understood that the daughter is 14 years old this year, on junior high school, “homework and life, certainly is the wife cares more about some, some in the heart owe.”Therefore, Wang Cong took the initiative to shoulder the responsibility of “chef” in the family. “Basically, he would cook meals for his wife and daughter every day. He would take on more responsibilities as he could to make up for the lack of companionship.”On This year’s New Year’s Eve, wang cooked a big dinner for his family. “Dried bamboo shoot roast pork and family photo soup, which are popular in Shanghai, are indispensable,” wang said.A family of three spent a happy and peaceful New Year’s Eve with the elderly.”As a driver, safety is always the most important thing,” wang said when asked about his New Year wishes.A bus serves citizens, and as a driver it is up to each passenger to get to their destination safely.”Source: Long matter bus, labor observation on the view number author: Shanghai traffic