High-speed traffic police continue to intensify investigation and punishment, “zero tolerance” for illegal acts of carrying more than one passenger

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The 2022-02-20, 2022-02-20, henan province, the public security ten teams at the moment, the migrant workers, school school in succession, to return to work and production enterprises, passenger and cargo transportation quick recovery, the overcrowding illegal risks rise, to ensure smooth area road safety during Spring Festival, in henan province public security department high-speed traffic police corps ten team according to the henan province public security department of the team action plan,Strengthen the crackdown on illegal acts such as overcrowding of buses, carry out special illegal rectification actions relying on the tollbooths of the jurisdiction, punish key illegal acts such as overcrowding of carpooling and chartered cars, eliminate potential safety hazards, and protect the safety of people during the late Spring Festival travel rush.In the early morning of February 20th, ten teams investigated and dealt with an illegal act of overcrowding of non-operating buses. The vehicles have been punished according to law and transferred safely to eliminate potential safety hazards.At 6:10 on the same day, yao Zhipeng, deputy branch leader of the ten detachment and Yang Degen police in the street toll station north early morning action to investigate an overmanned bus, A car license plate number for yu A license plate of the bus, approved carrying 7 passengers, the actual carrying 9 people.Small bus for non operation of small ordinary bus, the car personnel together to Work in Zhengzhou, thought that the early morning highway should not have traffic police check overmanned vehicles on the luck, the results were still high speed traffic police to check.According to the law, the police carried out a fine of 200 yuan to the driver of the small bus, driving license 3 points of punishment, and ordered its transfer of overmanned passengers, the elimination of illegal behavior.At the same time, the police on the passenger car of the company carried out a severe criticism of education, explained the vehicle overmanned serious harm, the driver of the passenger car said that he realized his mistake.High – speed traffic police hint: vehicle overmanned carry passenger harm is very big.First, overmanned vehicles will lead to more than its nuclear load, inertia, braking distance lengthening, the risk also increases accordingly.Second, overcrowding is easy to cause vehicle tire explosion, out of control, easy to cause serious consequences of group death group injury.Three is the car overcrowding passengers, there is no seat and seat belt and other safety facilities to protect, once an emergency, such as vehicle rollover, etc., will be the first to be injured.Please do not drive overmanned vehicles, refuse overmanned vehicles, strengthen their own safety awareness, jointly create a safe and orderly road environment.Henan Expressway Public Security Bureau