How long does it take to forget someone?Turns out, that’s the best answer

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If possible, I believe that no one wants to break up, if the beginning of the thought of breaking up, naturally will not fall in love.Now that you are in love, who doesn’t want to live a good life, who doesn’t want to embrace happiness.In this world, a lot of things can be predicted, but affection is not predictable. Today, two people who love you deeply may become familiar strangers tomorrow.I don’t know how it happened, but it did.If you leave the other side, you will not suffer, do not feel good, but afraid of leaving the other side, you are particularly uncomfortable, the more you want to forget but just forget.In fact, it’s not that you can’t forget the person, but you can’t forget the happy moment together.These moments into the beautiful, may be a long time can not forget, even as to let oneself live in pain.If together is painful, then I believe it can be quickly forgotten, because this experience is you unspeakable pain, but if it is happy, it is really hard to forget.Forget a person how long it takes, in fact, there is no answer, and may even let once beautiful, fixed in my mind for a lifetime.01: Once if the pain, will soon forget many times, the reason why we forget a person, because too persistent in a beautiful.If someone gives us pain, for the most part we forget it, because we don’t want the pain to torment us.Bring you pain, you temporarily forget is also right, strictly speaking, this is not forget, but can not let go.When a person is not willing to let go, nature will not forget.But over time, you get over it, and once you get over it, you forget it.My friend Ya Ya had a love affair three years ago, and she still can’t forget him.At first, I thought she could not forget the beauty of the past, but later I realized that it was not, because the love between them was more painful than beautiful.”I really don’t know why,” she said. “I always think of her and I can’t forget her.”When ya Ya talked about the other party, she was in a very bad mood. She felt cheated. If she would not be cheated by the other party’s rhetoric now, it was only because she was too ignorant.After she said it, I knew why she couldn’t get over him.I said to Ya Ya, “You can’t forget the other person because you can’t let go. If you can let go, you can forget.”When I finished, Ya ya gave me a look, and I knew she recognized my point of view.The reason I don’t want to admit it is just to find an excuse for myself.If he can let go now, really everything is not a problem, cheated or regret, everything is over, since the past, do not tangle, there is no need to hold on to the past.I advised ya ya to adjust their state of mind, if he does not know how to adjust their state of mind, then never let go, if not let go, this life is very difficult to forget.Now that the relationship is over, let it go.Because, it is useless to tangle again, he is only involved in your past, not in your present and future, why do you have to persist?Life is very short, happiness is difficult to have, you have to learn to let go, to let go of their own, only let go of their own you will not be so painful, life will be more wonderful.One of the biggest mistakes, is to punish yourself with the mistakes of others.Since it was painful, then try to learn to let go, don’t let these small things disturb their mood.When you know how to seek happiness in pain, then happiness will quietly come.If you just continue to suffer in the pain, then you can not blame others.02: Once happy, why forget if once was happy, then why persistent forget, since forget, then don’t force yourself to forget, at least this is a good memory.Even in old age, isn’t it a happy thing to recall?When a relationship ends, heralding the beginning of a new relationship, two people are separated, then the bridge is the bridge, there is no need to put it in the present.I saw a video on the Internet and felt quite touched: the girl was lovelorn, everyone thought she would be very painful, but in fact she did not. When everyone told her that there was no need to think about the beauty of the past and learn to give up, she smiled.She asked why they think so, love should not only look at the results, if the mood is happy in the process, then it is worth a lifetime of memory.Friends advised her to forget, but she asked why to forget?In fact, since the feelings of the past, let us feel more happy, so why should we forget?Isn’t this digging a hole for yourself?The girl said she would not forget it, and would treasure it in her memory forever.Frankly speaking, I think the girl’s approach is quite right, if it is really beautiful, there is no need to deliberately forget, as long as you remember once you were happy, then it is enough.Before, I had a friend who was very persistent. She thought that no matter how the process was, as long as the ending was bad, everything was bad and should be forgotten, otherwise it would be meaningless.In fact, the friend’s idea is really too one-sided.Relationships are inherently uncertain, so why do we always cling to one result?No matter how the other party, he has nothing to do with you, as for whether to forget with others also has nothing to do with it, just lies in you, you want to forget forget, don’t want to forget even.You don’t have to think about other people’s feelings, but always consider your own.As long as they are happy, then everything is worthwhile, if they are not happy, forget or forget is painful, you need to adjust.At all times, you should know that life is yourself and has nothing to do with anyone else. You can only be meaningful if you follow your heart and forget or never forget it.As Haruki Murakami said, “Don’t worry too much about the present, don’t worry too much about the future, when you have experienced something, the landscape is already different from the past.”In fact, most of the time, it is not the event itself, but you ignore the scenery on the road.In the future, don’t torture yourself, don’t forget to forget, if really forget, then let it go, so occasionally think about, as long as you don’t bring pain, is not a kind of happiness.Never think of happiness as particularly complicated, only about your state of mind, when your state of mind is good, then the rest of your life is afraid not to be happy is difficult.Author introduction: end small north, young writer, marriage problem consultant, engaged in psychological counseling for 13 years, if you have confusion about love and marriage, you can give me a message oh.