Later duan Yu bears the three divine forces, the internal force is evasive, he can single win Qiao Feng?

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Tian Long Ba Bu is a classic martial arts work by Jin Yong. It features three leading men, Qiao Feng, Duan Yu and Xu Zhu.Generally speaking, most people’s eyes are attracted by Qiao Feng, he is awe-inspiring, justice, and finally ended up in a very sad ending.Qiao feng basically fits all the “tragic hero” characteristics, it is shocking, also for the tears.In fact, duan Yu occupies the most space in the original work of “Tianlong Eight Parts”.”Tian Long Ba Bu” starts with the opening verse, and then he runs through the book.With the exception of Qiao’s own few independent chapters, the original story is mostly told from Duan yu’s point of view.Duan Yu did not want to practice martial arts, but finally with three divine forces, internal force shock, become a peerless master.Can Duan Yu beat Qiao Feng?The readers who are familiar with “Tianlong Ba Bu” should be very clear that Duan Yu has three divine functions, which are the Six pulse Divine Sword, the North Ghost Divine Gong and lingbo Micro step.Six pulse Divine sword is duan Yujia’s ancestral top martial arts, a Yang finger is just six pulse divine sword entry kung fu.One Yang refers to a total of nine realm, practice to the fourth realm, to cultivate the six pulse sword.”History book Ling Henge” think, six pulse shenjian is “Tianlong eight” in the strongest foreign power, even stronger than the dragon eighteen palm.Because six pulse magic sword can hit six sword qi at the same time to form a sword array, just like six masters at the same time to fight, but the dragon eighteen hands can only clap one hand one hand.Duan Yu in order to save Zhong Ling, he accidentally broke into the Wuliangshan “Lang Huan Fu Land”, where the school of free and unfetteringly learned the two great magic, Ling Bo micro step and the North ghost.North Stygian Shengong can make Duan Yu internal force is abundant;Lingbo micro step can make Duan Yu superb body skills, flexible position;Six pulse excalibur can make Duan Yu invisible, remote injury enemy.Duan yu’s three magic powers include endurance, moving position and attack power, which are the standard features of ADC.Duan Yu’s martial arts configuration is very luxurious, compared with Zhang Wuji to also not mention much.In “Tianlong Eight Bu”, Xu Zhu absorbed the internal forces of Wuyazi, Tianshan Tongmu and Li Qiushui for nearly 200 years, but Duan Yu’s internal forces are not worse than him.In the original work of Tian Long Ba Bu, Jin Yong clearly wrote that Duan Yu’s internal forces are “vivid and subtle”.Duan Yu’s internal force is very strong, but it is not his own practice, but by the Divine power of the North to suck.In the original work, Duan Yu has absorbed many people’s internal forces.The author made a rough statistics, the people who were absorbed by Duan Yu are: seven disciples of the Infinite Sword school, Huangmei Monk, Yue Laosan, Ye Erniang, Duan Yanqing, Zhong Wanqiu, tianlong Temple four.These people are duan Yu absorbed part of the internal force, the specific absorption of how much is not easy to measure.But Jiu Mozhi’s internal force was completely absorbed by Duan Yu, there was nothing left.Therefore, the author feels duan Yu and Xu Zhu two people’s internal force is similar, can be called the shock.Then our question comes, Duan Yu has three great feats, the internal force is evasive, can he beat Qiao Feng?Can Duan Yu beat Qiao Feng?If we only from duan Yu, Qiao Feng two martial arts configuration, Duan Yu can completely crush Qiao Feng.First of all, Qiao feng’s level of internal force is similar to that of a shaolin monk.Xuan Ci with Qiao Feng had a palm, two people on the field without a superior.Duan Yu is different, duan Yu’s internal force is far better than Qiao Feng.Duan Yu has the advantage if he fights for a long time.Because the dragon 18 palm special consumption of internal force, a long time qiao Feng can not support.Duan Yu also beat Qiao Feng in foreign skills.Six pulse excalibur plus lingbo micro step, if duan Yu play well, can fly a kite.If Duan Yu can use lingbo micro step flexible position, Qiao Feng may not hit Duan Yu completely.This, of course, is taken at face value.If we go by the details of the original work, Duan Yu can totally beat Qiao Feng.In the original jin Yong wuxia, Qiao feng is one of the few martial arts wizards.The original work of “Tianlong Eight Parts” is to evaluate Qiao Feng like this: “He was born with special advantages, is actually a martial arts prodigy, any ordinary moves to his hands, naturally issued a huge inmatchable power.Xiao Feng himself could not tell why, but he felt that he could learn all the tricks quickly and skillfully. When facing the enemy, all kinds of ingenious changes would come naturally.”That is to say, Qiao Feng can put 100 points of kung fu hit the effect of 200 points, what about Duan Yu?He can only get 100 points out of 200 points.We can see the strength of the two of them through a few details in “Tian Long Ba Bu”.Qiao Feng in Juxian zhuang, with a set of Taizu changquan, hit the many martial arts masters hard to resist.Shaoroom hill, Duan Yu with lingbo micro step, six pulse excalibur single murong Fu.At the beginning, Duan Yu was completely at a disadvantage. Under the guidance of Qiao Feng, Duan Yu was able to turn the tables dangerously.But later did not have qiao Feng’s guidance, in the Xixia marriage duan Yu was captured twice by Murong Fu seconds, but completely beat Murong Fu.Such a comparison, Duan Yu and Qiao Feng judge.In addition, Qiao Feng alone against Ding Chunqiu, Murong Fu, a steady hand, but also completely cracked murong fu’s “change of the stars”.Description is as follows: “tian long ba bu” original “MuRongFu best amazing skill, transform each other makes to move, back to the other party, but a recruit two wreaths of SAO feng zhang, the strength is too bold, palm force maneuver sharply at the same time, real don’t know where to hit him, can’t traction, immediately set internal force, opened three zhangs backward wave.”That is to say, Qiao Feng patted Murong Fu back three zhang.Qiao Feng with the most shallow martial arts, but can rely on their own skills to defeat the strong enemy.But Duan Yu has a top martial arts, but he can not give full play to the power of martial arts.Why is that?Because Duan Yu’s martial arts are picked up by luck, not his own practice.Qiao Feng’s martial arts skills are his own day after day, year after year hard practice out.And Qiao Feng actual combat experience is very rich, his actual combat skills is to use countless times for swords.How does Duan Yu compare with Qiao Feng?With duan Yu’s level, if it’s against Qiao Feng, he doesn’t even know how he lost.Therefore, although Duan Yu is carrying three miraculous feats, the internal force is evasive, but he can not beat Qiao Feng.