Ma stressed in-depth study and implementation of Xi Jinping Thought on rule of law to comprehensively promote the construction of rule of law in Xinjiang

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Source: Pomegranate Cloud/Xinjiang DailyBeijing (Xinhua) — President Ma Xingrui said at a meeting of the Party committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on political and legal work in Xinjiang uygur Autonomous Region (XINJIANG) that the rule of law in Xinjiang will be promoted in an all-round wayUrumqi, Feb. 11 (Chinamil) — Xiao Kaiti, Imingnuran, Abduman, Jin Liyi, Zhang Chunlin, He Zhongyou attended a meeting of the Political and legal work of the Party Committee of Urumqi Autonomous Region on February 11.Ma Xingrui, party secretary of the Autonomous Region, attended and addressed the meeting.He stressed that to thoroughly study and apply xi thought of rule of law, the implementation of the central working conference of politics and law spirit especially xi general secretary important instructions, complete and accurate implementation of the new era of the party’s governance strategies of xinjiang, firmly seize the social stability and security overall goal, the comprehensive the requirement of governing the country according to law to carry out the various fields to work in xinjiang, comprehensively promote the rule of law construction in xinjiang,Take concrete actions to welcome the opening of the party’s 20th Great Victory.Presided over by Erken Tunniazi, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Autonomous Region.Xiao Kaiti Yiming, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Regional People’s Congress, Nurlan Abdumanjin, chairman of the Regional People’s Political Consultative Conference, and Zhang Chunlin and He Zhongyou, deputy Secretaries of the Regional Party Committee, attended the meeting.Li Yifei, deputy secretary of the CPC Central Committee and political commissar of the XPCC, conveyed the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on political and legal work and the spirit of the Central Conference on Political and Legal work.Wang Mingshan, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Central Committee and secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee of the Autonomous Region, made specific arrangements for political and legal work in the region.Ma pointed out that Xi Jinping’s thought on the rule of law is rich in connotation, profound in discussion, logical and systematic. It is a major innovation and development of the socialist rule of law theory with Chinese characteristics, and a fundamental guideline and guide for the comprehensive rule of law in the new era.General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on political, legal and judicial work have charted the course and provided important guidance for us to do a good job in this year’s work.As an important force in governing Xinjiang by law and building the rule of law in Xinjiang, political and legal organs at all levels in the region should improve their political standing, study, understand and implement the rule of law in an in-depth way, unswervingly promote the rule of law in Xinjiang, and firmly safeguard the “Two establishment” and faithfully practice the “two safeguard” with concrete actions.Ma fully affirmed the achievements made in xinjiang’s political and legal work over the past year.He pointed out that after studying the history of the Party, revolutionary efforts in education and rectification, and the test of fighting against terrorism and maintaining stability, the political and legal forces in Xinjiang are loyal, clean and responsible, and can be trusted by the Party and the people.Ma xingrui, on behalf of the Party Committee and the government of the autonomous Region, expressed his sincere thanks and respect to all the political and legal officers in the region.Appl. 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Vol.11 stressed that must adhere to new era xi the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, in-depth study and implement xi thought of rule of law, adhere to seek improvement in stability work always tone, adhere to the overall development and security, thought that the party’s great victory at 20 to create safe and stable political and social environment as the main line, to strengthen the construction of the party’s political, powered by comprehensively deepen reform,With a strong work style, emphasis on implementation and efficiency as the guidance, we will strive to promote high-quality development of political and legal work in Xinjiang in the new era.We need to strengthen the thinking of the rule of law, optimize and improve the command system for combating terrorism and maintaining stability, improve the system of laws and regulations on combating terrorism and maintaining stability, strengthen the standardization of law enforcement and justice, and make substantive progress in normalizing the rule of law in combating terrorism and maintaining stability.We need to focus on the main task of our work, always focus on the fight against separatism, terrorism and stability, make progress while maintaining stability, ensure sustained and long-term social stability in Xinjiang, and never allow the hard-won stability to be reversed.We need to improve the effectiveness of governance. We need to fully form a social governance system under the leadership of the Party Committee, under the responsibility of the government, with the coordination of all sectors of society, the participation of the public, and the guarantee of the rule of law, and foster a social governance pattern featuring joint contribution, participation, and shared benefits.We need to keep to the right direction, expand and deepen the reform of judicial and judicial affairs, and ensure that the people of all ethnic groups feel that fairness and justice are close to them.We need to strictly supervise the Party’s governance over the police, and ensure that the Party’s absolute leadership over procuratorial and judicial work is implemented in all areas and throughout the entire process. We need to improve the effectiveness of political construction, improve conduct and discipline, fight corruption, train people to be competent, provide positive incentives, and improve institutions. We need to consolidate and deepen the achievements of education rectification, and ensure that the procuratorial and judicial forces in Xinjiang are absolutely loyal, pure, and reliable.Ma stressed that party committees at all levels should strengthen their leadership over political and legal work to ensure that the decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee are effective.Political and legal commissions of Party committees at all levels should take the lead in overseeing, coordinating, and supervising the implementation of political and legal work in a standardized and scientific way.Party committees (Leading Party groups) in all units of politics and law must ensure that the Party’s line, principles and policies as well as the Constitution and laws are fully implemented.We must adhere to a people-centered development philosophy, uphold a correct view of political achievements, make plans in a scientific and systematic way, conduct in-depth investigations and studies, refrain from formalism and bureaucracy, be realistic and practical, and work hard to achieve the desired results in all our work.At the meeting, the decision on 2021 safe establishment and naming of the autonomous Region was read out, and advanced collectives and advanced individuals were awarded prizes.Leading members of the Party committees, political and Legal committees of Urumqi, Kashgar, Altay and Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture, as well as The Party committees, political and Legal committees of Kizilsu Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture, Aksu Prefecture, Bayingolen Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture and Hotan Prefecture made exchange and written statements respectively.Autonomous region party committee standing committee Zhang Zhu, Tian Xiangli, kelvin tran, ZuMu thermal force, my cloth, Yang Fasen, jade Su Fujiang · McGrady proposed, the force, YiGeMaiDiJiang, Dan carving, autonomous regional people’s congress, government, Chinese people’s political consultative conference (CPPCC), regiment, xinjiang military region leading comrades, the autonomous region higher people’s court, the autonomous region people’s procuratorate, the armed police corps in xinjiang is mainly responsible for comrade,Members of the leading groups of all political and legal units in the autonomous Region and the chief leaders of the district (central) units attended the meeting at the main venue.The conference will be held in the form of teleconference, with sub-venues set up by various states, counties and urban districts, corps organs, divisions and regimental farms.