“Onion reading law” the fifth pass: “How does Luo Zhenyu read?”Topic reading

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According to the Onion Reading Method, the “weapons” of speed reading and fragmental reading are knives and swords, while the fifth level of thematic reading is a machine gun and a rocket launcher. They are not of the same magnitude.Small six theme reading images are divided into “broken bomb”, “blasting bomb”, “nuclear bomb”.”Broken bomb” is fragmentary theme reading, “blasting bomb” is book-type theme reading, and “nuclear bomb” is sea, land and air, all-round theme reading.So today we are going to share with you how to read the topic, using a bomb as an example.The target of the bomb was Luo Jin-woo’s reading method, which is mentioned in the Onion Reading Method.-1- What is topic reading?According to the Onion Reading Method, themed reading is a method of reading multiple books and articles in a certain period of time, centering on a certain topic.The theme I decided this time is “Luo Zhenyu’s reading method”.-2- Why topic reading?Because speed reading and fragment reading both start with a book.Theme-based reading is based on your needs, which is the topic you’ve identified.The starting point of speed reading is the book. You can quickly capture 20% of the core content of a book.The quick reading step is “salmon and tomato sauce”.Ask three questions first (three text), prepare (fish) to learn the table of contents and preface after the preface, 8 minutes to turn over (pan) the book, 22 minutes to cut (eggplant) nine grid key, finally speak (sauce) to share review.Fragmented reading has taken a step further, taking its own knowledge system as a network to quickly screen the content in line with its own knowledge system.The steps of fragmented reading are “design, refine, link and merge”.First design your body of knowledge;Secondly, refine the concepts in the book;Third, link existing knowledge;Finally, the fusion creates its own content.Thematic reading starts with me, with a theme I’ve identified.Firstly, the theme reading forms its own theme and frame. Secondly, the core of a book or several books or articles is quickly grasped through fast reading, or the fragmented reading is used to obtain the fragmented knowledge required by the theme framework (knowledge system).So our topic this time is “Luo Zhenyu’s Reading method”.The reason is also very simple. Luo Zhenyu is one of the reading masters mentioned in the Onion Reading Method. Now Luo Zhenyu’s comprehension and logical thinking are gaining popularity, so I wonder what luo Zhenyu’s reading methods and ideas are.So combined with the fifth chapter (theme reading), just do a practice.-3- How to read the topic?Let’s practice this topic reading by referring to the exploding bombs mentioned in the Onion Reading Method.The onion Reading Method mentioned the steps of the thematic reading method: first, to establish perceptual cognition;Set up a book list and scan;Establish a framework and seek answers.First, build perceptual awareness.Perceptual cognition is general understanding.Extensive reading is to understand the “what is” of a topic, that is, to have an understanding of the basic concepts of a topic and establish basic cognition.So what is the perceptual cognition of Luo Zhenyu’s reading method?Through wechat official accounts, Sogou and Zhihu, Luo said, “I never read books. I only look up books. What I find is what I ask, so I can remember it naturally.””The only way to read a book is to reconstruct your own world of knowledge based on your own application scenarios,” he said.That is to say, Luo zhenyu’s reading method is also a kind of thematic reading, that is, first build his own knowledge framework, and then have a purpose to look up books.Second, the establishment of single-speed reading books.Luo zhenyu does not have many books on reading methods, but there are many articles about reading on wechat.Use speed reading to get his perspective on reading.Third, establish a framework and seek answers.The simplest framework is 2W1H.Why?Luo Zhenyu believes that in the Internet era, there is an explosion of knowledge and information. Unlike the limited amount of knowledge in the past, Wang Yangming can live his life in the grid, but now the grid IPad will definitely spit blood.How to deal with the huge amount of knowledge?The answer is to return reading and learning to suspense and circumstance.Suspense is to read to satisfy their curiosity, to learn what they are interested in.Just like Socrates and his students in ancient Rome, learning is regarded as leisure, as a spiritual enjoyment that people pursue after eating and drinking, rather than traditional education, filling the empty jar with all kinds of knowledge.The scene is your environment and your purpose.People should first have a goal, to find action and method.Only when you have a clear goal can you turn knowledge into action.In other words, “The purpose of reading is not to retain knowledge, but to establish a sense of cognition in a certain field.”What is it?Luo Zhenyu’s method of reading is “thematic reading”. He determines his own goals, scenes and knowledge framework, and then looks up books instead of reading. He reads quickly and in fragments, rather than being led by the nose by books.How do you do it?Luo Zhenyu summed up his approach to reading in an essay.First, it is to learn with people, rather than with books, first reduce their knowledge burden, let others help us screening and induction.The second is the concept, by mastering one new concept after another, build up their own knowledge framework, and then come in new information, you know where to put it.Third, information comes and goes, but not all of it can be remembered. Only by expressing it once, whether by paraphrasing it or writing an extremely brief reading note, can you stitch it into your life and knowledge tree, and even if you forget all of it in the future, you will know where to find it.The fourth is fragmented reading.Improve the learning efficiency, according to their own knowledge framework, constantly refine, link, fusion of new knowledge fragments.The fifth is to brush books, that is, speed reading.Quickly identify the best parts of a book and read them.As communication scientist Mike Luhan points out, reading only on the right side doesn’t lose more than 10 percent of your information.So, I use 2-3 hours practicing a rank order 5 close reading method, through the establishment of the perceptual cognition, collect single speed reading, build a framework to answer the question of three steps, the preliminary understand Luo Zhenyu reading method is a kind of subject of reading, he is the onion read law thoughts, make reading to serve their own purposes, scene and knowledge framework,Make yourself the master of reading.The third “nuke themed reading method” does not mean reading 100 books at a time, but may spend 10 years reading a topic, as Luo zhenyu is doing, he spent the 10 years reading “how to Learn” topic.Also like our original intention of setting up 365 parents reading help, we will spend ten years to read the theme of “parenting”, to detonate the nuclear bomb of parenting, so that each of us parents can benefit for a lifetime.Now we understand that thematic reading is the way to build happiness and success in one’s life. Luo Zhenyu used it to create a business kingdom. We use it to understand luo Zhenyu’s learning secrets and hope that we can also use thematic reading to solve the problem of parenting in the future.Through my simple demonstration, as well as the learning of Luo Zhenyu’s reading method, “Onion reading method” the fifth chapter of the theme reading, have you learned?