Women, bloom strength and beauty

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Lindsay Jacobellis of the United States competes in the mixed team snowboard slalom chase on February 12.Xinhua News Agency On February 13, China’s Zhang Chutong (second from right) participated in the short track speed skating — women’s 3000m relay final.Xinhua News Agency, February 14, China’s Zhang Lijun (front L), Dong Ziqi (front R) in the women’s curling round robin.”I would like to say with particular pride that this Winter Olympic Games has seen the highest proportion of female athletes and the largest participation of female athletes in the history of the Games. The issue of equal participation of female athletes has been fully taken into account in the new events,” Xinhua News Agency said.Ioc spokesman Mark Adams said at a press conference held by the Beijing Winter Olympics organizing committee and the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee on Monday.”The IOC is committed to promoting gender equality in the Olympic Movement,” Said Mark Adams at a press conference on Monday under the theme “Women’s Power at the Winter Olympics”.The international Olympic committee (ioc), according to data released in Beijing Olympics reached a record high proportion of female athletes in about 2900 athletes, women accounted for 45%, and in the project Settings, more than half of Beijing Olympic projects have women, one of the new seven games, only an exclusive men, the other six are female athletes to participate in.This fully embodies the Olympic Agenda 2020 concept of promoting gender equality in sport.”The IOC has always been committed to promoting gender equality in the Olympic Movement and we have achieved full equality in the programme setting for the Summer Games.It is up to the international federations to decide on winter events, but we would encourage them to achieve equality.”Mark Adams says.Iannis Axak, CEO of Olympic Broadcasting Corporation (OBS), explained OBS ‘efforts to promote gender equality from the perspective of news communication. “Last weekend, we presented both men’s and women’s sports on our broadcasts of curling, ice hockey and bobsled.Over the past few years, we have been following the principle of producing content without bias or discrimination, and we will broadcast whichever project is more attractive.And every year OBS has women advancing to higher ranks.”Iannis Axak also said that the Olympics is a good opportunity to promote gender equality around the world.In Tokyo, 40.8 percent of athletes were women;At the Beijing Winter Olympics, the proportion of female athletes reached 45.4 percent, also the highest in history.At the Beijing Winter Olympics, we have achieved gender equality in curling, speed skating and other sports.For the first time, sports such as skeleton bobsled, alpine skiing and snowboarding have achieved gender equality.In addition, there are four new mixed team events, including aerials, ski jumping, snowboard slalom and short track speed skating relay, which are very important events.From the IOC’s point of view, national Olympic committees are collectively sending a signal that we need to strengthen the women’s team and attract more women athletes.Women accounted for 53 percent of all sports, both individual and team, in Beijing and 46 percent in Pyeongchang.Iannis Axak also revealed that for the upcoming 2024 Paris Games, they have set a target of 50 percent female participation and 5,250 men and women athletes each.At the next Winter Games in Milan and Cortina d ‘Ampezzo, OBS also hopes to achieve full gender equality.Yang Yang, chairman of the Beijing Winter Olympics Athletes’ Committee, said at the press conference that China would certainly do its best to promote gender equality.China sent 176 athletes to the Beijing Winter Olympics, including 87 women and 89 men.In the selection of staff and volunteers of the Winter Olympic Committee, women also occupy a very high proportion, and enjoy the same salary as men in the same position.”Of the 19 members of the athletes’ commission, 14 are women.Seven of our sports managers in all 11 sports are women.From my own experience, it’s encouraging more women to push themselves beyond their limits.”(Reporter Hou Keke Wang Dong)