“Anti-fraud” “Golden Bell jar” efficient interception!Shuangtaizi public security sub-bureau for the masses timely stop 20,000 yuan

2022-04-27 0 By

With the continuous popularity of the network, the incidence of telecom fraud is also rising, I believe that many people are panjin public security promotion of anti-fraud new measures “Jinzhong jar” small procedures have heard, perhaps a lot of people in wait and see, in the end there is no effect.After panjin public security measures publicity, “admiralty hood” installation has shown initial results.Recently, shuangtaizi public security bureau successful early warning 2, timely for the masses stop 20,000 yuan.Case review On the evening of February 8, shuangtaizi branch of public security red flag police station received “jin Zhong jar” warning instructions, the area has a woman surnamed Sun is answering posing as panjin City public Security Bureau police fraud phone, there are signs of being cheated.After receiving the warning, police station attendant according to early warning telephone, immediately contact the parties concerned, because the client is talking to scam people couldn’t get through, then contact with her husband, after police patient explanation, the parties and their families to recognize this calls for fraud, in time to stop the money transfer behavior, intercepted 10000 yuan.Avoided a case of telecom fraud.Case review On the evening of February 10, 2022, “Panjin Jinzhong jar” background reminded The Victory police station community police Sun Liguo, the area of residents suspected of fraud.Police li-guo sun first contact residents by fraud, just got a call police Chen xing doesn’t cooperate refuse to cooperate with personal privacy, under the policeman li-guo sun patience exhortation, Chen xing tells himself during the outbreak of the economic difficulties to online loans, so the targeted by illegal personnel, constantly call Chen xing for fraud,As panjin anti-electricity fraud activities actively and police carefully visited propaganda, Chen xing gave up the network loan ten thousand yuan.Resident Chen Said before only heard of online loan fraud, did not expect the harm of crime in our side, not to mention the police protection in our side.What is “golden bell jar”?”Compression” zone between the platform and the small program to set up a file the cheating the public, as the backing, inside collect vast amounts of telecom fraud data, and to use its powerful data analysis ability, able to quickly identify suspected of telecommunications and information of the Numbers of suspected fraud, when swindlers to registrant mechanism through a variety of communication and add family,The background will automatically push warning messages to them, and the police will dissuade them online or offline and return visits according to the actual situation.What effect does “golden bell jar” have?Registered the “compression” of the masses, when you yourself or your family received a fraud phone fraud, received text messages, click on the high risk link, download or query APP, your personal phone will sync and police received a warning, prompts you to “has been the risk of fraud”, the police will dissuade direct dial telephone, as a result,From the moment fraudsters began to implement fraud, intercept and prevent fraud, so as to form an effective protection of personal and family property “golden bell jar”, minimize economic losses.Such as brushing, loans, posing as public security law, online gambling, online dating, online investment, posing as customer service online shopping platform fraud, the platform can be early warning.