British media professional college recommendation

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The media program of The University of Leicester takes the media itself as the research object, and conducts scientific research on the development trend, history and time of media, the current situation of media industry chain, and the evolution of media shape, etc.Such majors have strong logic, such as Global Media Industries in Loughborough University, Media Industries in Leeds University,European Media Studies, University of Exeter.Some universities combine media and management methods and offer media management methods majors. For example, Westminster University and Cardiff University offer media Management methods majors. However, it should be noted that these two universities offer media Management methods majors in the way of MBA (business administration).It is desirable to have some work experience before attending school.In addition, King’s College London has launched Digital Assets and Media Management, and The University of Southampton has launched Global Media Management.The film and television production in the art major of The University of Southampton also belongs to the media scope.The more traditional film theory courses are offered by Kingston University, University College London, King’s College London, and Bristol University.In addition, some universities also set up film and television production majors, which are more practical and easier for students to find jobs after graduation. For example, Film and Television Production (FILM and Television Production) in The University of Bristol.Kingston University film Makin and others.Some universities also teach visual communication design and advertising design to the scope of media, but a large number of such majors are under the College of Plastic Arts, more famous university of the Arts London, Goldsmiths College, University of London, etc.Below Goldsmiths, University of London, there are several foreign universities with excellent media majors, hoping that they can cure the dilemma of media friends’ choice.Cardiff University is the first university in Europe to set up a school of journalism. The overall strength of journalism is very profound.Even if located in Wales, there are still many applicants each year.The school of Journalism offers a wide range of subjects, including not only practical courses, but also basic theories.At the same time, the university maintains close links with the BBC.Birmingham is a famous university for engineering projects, but it is also very good in journalism, which can be seen from the TV programmes run by the university.Most of the news reporting majors in colleges and universities integrate basic theories into practice, and the recruitment standards are more stringent, especially in the IELTS test is well-known for its high requirements.In recent years, global Journalism has been mocked as too many People in China, but the course content is good, with seven parts of basic theory and three parts of practical activities.Goldsmiths, University of London, is one of France’s most famous universities for art.Media is one of the strong majors in your university, especially the major related to new media, which has many famous experts and professors.Many of the readings during the junior year were written by the goldsmith’s teacher.University of Westminster is another famous media university in London, UK. Media majors are very well prepared. China CCTV (THE CENTRAL Television program) will send xiaoling to study and training on time.Above is the French media school of the first first gear in legend.Cardiff and Birmingham are all members of the Russell Group of universities, both comprehensive and academic ranking are relatively high, and their history is long enough to make them better choices for most students.The advantages of Goldsmiths and Wyman depend on their expertise in the media industry and their location in London, so it is not difficult to find a media internship in London.Loughborough and Leites are two controversial universities whose media outlets have been heavily promoted by Chinese intermediary companies in recent years.Objectively speaking, the strength of Loughborough depends on sports culture and engineering projects. Business is ok, but Professor Graham Murdock is really great.The advantage of Leites lies in its mass communication. In recent years, there are many Chinese, but experts and professors are not qualified at all. In recent years, the recruitment standards are not low, with 85 for those who are not 211.Their new media and media relations are also very good.The following strongly recommend several comprehensive ranking is very good, the media also said that the former foreign universities, comprehensive ranking control friends can consider.Lse London school of economics and the lse (London school of economics) media is very basic theory, because it is a traditional humanities and social sciences college, is a famous university friend can apply for to deal with, but is quite harsh employment rules, I feel media is not useful, a doctoral candidate does not have the upper hand.Ucl University College London (UCL) has film and Publishing majors. If you have a comprehensive ranking control, you can consider the application process. The recruitment standards of these two majors are not very high.The University of Edinburgh also has similar majors, such as Digital Media Design, which is more focused on visual communication design, website production, etc.KCL’s similar major in King’s College London is creative culture and creative industry, but it is very basic theory, and the course content is mostly related to history museum and public library, which is different from the traditional definition of media.Most of the media majors at the University of Warwick are closely integrated with the industrial chain. Some of the media majors focus on media operation and the connection between media and business services, and focus on business.Recruitment standards are extremely high.To learn more