Children ski fall injured on the way to the hospital traffic jam, Yantai high-speed traffic police all the way siren speed escort

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Qilu Evening News · Qilu One point reporter Liang Yingying correspondent Liu Jianhao On February 7, the reporter learned from Yantai high-speed traffic police detachment Fushan brigade, recently, Yantai high-speed traffic police detachment Fushan brigade police opened a green channel to rescue a child caused by multiple body fractures due to skiing.With the arrival of the return peak, the rongwu expressway traffic surge.February 6, the Fushan brigade police in the area of the highway on the return of vehicles prompt dredging process, suddenly received the masses for help.According to the child’s mother, the child accidentally fell and rolled while skiing, resulting in multiple fractures of the body, as soon as possible to yantai Mountain Hospital east hospital (children’s orthopedics) for emergency treatment.In the process of medical treatment, the car broke down, and the family was stuck in the return traffic.At this time, happened to encounter traffic police on duty in the roadside diversion of traffic, they have for help, hoping to rush to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.After receiving the alarm, the police on duty immediately transferred the child to the police car, from the emergency lane to run at a high speed, all the way whistling Shouting.It usually takes about 50 minutes to take the highway from the guxian toll station to the east hospital of Yantai Mountain Hospital, but this time it only takes 25 minutes, which won precious time for treatment.After arriving at the hospital, the police accompanied the family members to send the children to the operating room, and settled the family members before leaving. The family members repeatedly thanked the police.