Danger!It took four hours to rescue two men trapped on a cliff in Guangyuan, Sichuan province, after they picked up a drone

2022-04-27 0 By

At 14:13 on February 4th, two men in Guangyuan, Sichuan province, were using a drone to take photos on luting Hot Spring Mountain in Gaoyang Town, Wangcang County. Due to improper operation, the drone was hanging on a tree, and the two men decided to take a risk to retrieve the drone.Because the cliff is steep, the environment is complex, and the long time hiking energy is too much, resulting in trapped cliff.Guangyuan city fire rescue detachment command center received the alarm, immediately sent wangcang County xingwang Avenue fire rescue station 2 cars 8 people, carrying mountain rope rescue equipment to the rescue.At 15:19, the fire rescue personnel arrived at the luting hot Spring visitor center at the foot of the mountain, and determined that the trapped people were under the cliff between the two peaks opposite the visitor center.At 16:18, fire rescue personnel led by local villagers marched about 3 kilometers to the top of the mountain, and reached the trapped people at 16:29.It was confirmed that the trapped site is located on the cliff with a drop of about 40 meters and a slope of about 85 degrees, making the rescue operation very difficult.Fire rescue personnel using mountain rope rescue equipment, set up 3 fulcrum above the trapped man, two for the trapped man’s lifting, one for the trapped man’s protection.After setting up, send a rescue worker to descend to the trapped man, psychological counseling to the trapped man, check whether there are injuries, and assist the trapped man to wear a life saving sling.At 17:16, a man was successfully rescued to the safety area, at 17:28, another man was successfully rescued, and then the rescue workers also successfully returned to the safety area through the rope, at 18:15, after four hours of struggling to rescue, two trapped people under the escort of fire and rescue personnel, safely back down the mountain.”I took my family to a hot spring this morning. The scenery was beautiful, so I came out to shoot some videos with my drone.Due to a misoperation, the drone flew too fast and flew into a tree.”According to one of the trapped personnel, then according to the positioning, and two cousin to look for.Climb up the cliff only to find yourself in a dilemma in the middle.