LPL Spring: This is the fun of hunting!Maple Akali makes a magic move AL takes the second inning

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TT and AL came to the second inning, and AL singled akali for Maple.In the early stage, the two sides still maintained a peaceful development state, and the game was in a slow operation pace. The first big group battle took place in the second pioneer, and AL won the game.With the dragon soul group AL group kill TT and win the dragon soul, the pace of victory has been unable to stop, the last wave of AL all use equipment and damage advantage of the third group kill TT to get the second victory!Both sides will also enter the decider of the contest!Frigid, middle single Captain, driving right, assist SouthwindAL: upper single Zdz, driving right Xiaohao, middle single Maple, driving right, Betty, assist QiuQiuBP stage: blue square TT:Blind Monk, Jinx, Jace, Akari, Titanban, Crocodile, Epheus, Urmi, Xia.TT safely grabbed the first line, and the air immediately rushed in after blind Monk day!AL take the second dragon!Frigid zhao Letter on the road grass ambush and Zdz jace flash for flash, but the front river AL people directly opened the group, QiuQiu Titan directly hand hook, although he sent a blood, but Maple Akali with blind monk enter the field began to harvest, Xiaohao blind monk double kill, AL hit 1 for 4 to accept the pioneer!Maple Akali on his way to kill Captain Victor!Then Zhao Xin arrived to collect the blood akali!AL take down the listening dragon!Maple Akali directly flanked the TT back row many people, the two sides separated retreat!AL economy leading 4K!The TT trio caught Jess, but AL support arrived faster, and although Victor took Jess ‘head, Maple Akali went straight to TP support for a double play!AL goes 1 for 2!AL play dragon soul, TT three people still want to head iron group, Southwind luo directly opened the group, AL did not panic each beat, side road man war Zdz Jess directly cut Off Gwen!Akali and Blind Monk cut right in, AL went 0 for 5 and took down dragon Spirit!TT wants to catch Titan retreating, but QiuQiu Titan backhand hook directly, Luo is directly melted, and Akali directly enters the back row, although Captain Victor takes away Akali first, but THE front of TT has been routed, AL Meikai twice destroyed TT!The economic lead has exceeded 10,000!The two sides met in the wild area, AL directly used the advantage of equipment to push the past, Maple Akali again no pressure flowing into the ground and began to cut randomly, with another group annihilation, AL middle end of the game!Postgame stats: MVP: