See who you can look forward to in the upcoming 2022 NETFLIX South Korean drama lineup

2022-04-27 0 By

Today, NETFLIX announced the list of Korean dramas that will be broadcast in South Korea in 2022. NETFLIX has really enjoyed a sweet taste in South Korea, producing a lot of hit dramas, especially this year’s Squid Game, and the popular variety show Single is Hell, also known as Song Jiya, which variety show.This makes NETFLIX more determined to dominate the Korean market.Take a look at what shows are being produced in 2022.The trailer for Hsu Hyun’s “MoralSense,” a romantic love story about a fetish man and woman, will be released on February 11.”Thirty-nine” by Sohn Ye-jin is a story about women who are 39 years old. Sohn becomes a boyfriend and girlfriend of Hyun Bin after starring in NETFLIX’s “Crash Landing.”This single look at the most expected estimate is that He Zhengyu, Huang Zhengmin, Zhang Zhen starred in the “Sunan Li”, this play all the rhythm of the best actor, such a large lineup, become the 2022 Korean drama single most people look forward to play.There is also the South Korean idol drama four Heavenly Kings of Kim Yu-bin also comeback, Kim Yu-bin through the inheritors of the fire, which is Kim Yu-bin’s only recent work.Among them is Kim Hye-soo’s juvenile Trial, which is about a group of teenagers.Kim Hye-soo’s “Thousand” is a beautiful goddess, and I believe many people have seen it.There is Also Liu Yaren “Seoul Battle”, Liu Yaren can say in the new male actors, acting the best, has been very popular, is very people look forward to the actor, he has shot NETFLIX “Hell minister” can be said to be very good to see.Mention liu Yaren has to say Chun Zhongrui, he and Liu Yaren played “burning”, the two won the best actor respectively, Chun Zhongrui is a new actress recognized as the best acting, this time Chun Zhongrui played the Korean version of “Paper Money House”, looking forward to surpass the original.These two in the 30th Busan Film Festival, and respectively with “Silent” and “telephone” won the best actor and best actress, this strength is needless to say, the first appearance is best Actor and best actress.In addition to the above, who are you looking forward to seeing in the film?Which films are you going to watch this year?