The new blood pressure standard has been announced, no longer 120/80?In old people might as well self-test

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Nowadays, with the improvement of living standards, the incidence of some chronic diseases has not decreased but increased, especially hypertension, as a common chronic disease, the incidence has soared in recent years, according to the survey data, in Our country about every three adults have a hypertension patient.Although now medicine is improving, but the chronic disease there is no cure for hypertension, the method of patients with high blood pressure can only through the long-term use of antihypertensive drugs for stable treatment, still have a lot of taboo and high blood pressure, can lead to high blood pressure do not pay attention to a bit complications, such as high blood pressure, kidney disease, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and other disease of heart head blood-vessel,Serious threat to life.The new blood pressure standard has been announced, no longer 120/80?The elderly might as well self-test for most hypertension patients, almost at home will have an electronic blood pressure measurement, but also convenient real-time monitoring of their blood pressure, but also conducive to the doctor to adjust the treatment plan, to ensure that blood pressure control in a reasonable range.Many patients with high blood pressure measured their blood pressure at home, not too pay attention to the considerations for measuring blood pressure, but also for the standard range of blood pressure and the understanding of the lack of updates, most people think that the standard range of blood pressure has been between 120/80, but now with the progress of medical technology, coupled with the improvement of living standards,There have also been a series of changes to the blood pressure standard range.According to the Guidelines for the Prevention and Treatment of Hypertension in China in 2021, the standard value of blood pressure has changed from 120/80 to 130/85. The normal fluctuation range of blood pressure is between 130 and 139 systolic blood pressure and 85 to 89 diastolic blood pressure. As long as your blood pressure is stable within this range, you can be judged as the standard value.Blood pressure values can be roughly divided into the following four categories:1, normal value < 130/85mmhG2, hypertension value 130/139/85-89mmhg3, grade 1 hypertension 140/159/90-99mmHG4, grade 2 hypertension ≥160/100mmHg we might as well according to their actual situation, combined with the above table to self-test,Check to see if your blood pressure is within a reasonable range.After a series of adjustments, your blood pressure may not be high.What should patients pay attention to when measuring their blood pressure at home?1, choose the right measuring instrument measuring instrument must be verified by the manufacturer, the use of verified upper arm automatic or semi-automatic blood pressure measuring instrument.The blood pressure measured at home was lower than that measured in the clinic, which was below 135/80mmHg.2. Measurement time It is recommended to measure blood pressure every morning and evening, 2-3 times each time, and take the average value.Family self-measuring blood pressure is mainly used for the diagnosis of hypertension, the evaluation of the efficacy of hypertension drug treatment, and the evaluation of hypertension blood pressure fluctuation, and the identification of white coat hypertension, as well as the prognostic prediction of hypertension.3. Record the measured blood pressure in detail each time, instead of just recording the final measured blood pressure;4. Measurement in a stable state of mood For patients with high mental tension, it is not recommended to measure blood pressure often, but to measure it in a relatively stable state of mood.03 In addition to the intuitive blood pressure value, when the blood pressure increases, the body or the occurrence of these abnormalities, must pay attention to (1) headache and dizziness usually, the patient's headache is more persistent or throbbing pain, or even burst pain.Often occur in the morning when waking up, get up activity and gradually reduce after meals.The painful place is more in the temples on both sides of the forehead and the back of the head.Dizziness is the main pain of the patient, its head has persistent depressing uncomfortable feeling, serious hindrance thinking, affecting work, to lose interest in things around, when the emergence of hypertensive crisis or vertebra - basilar artery blood supply is insufficient, can appear and inner ear vertigo phase similar symptoms.(2) limb numbness patients usually common finger, toe numbness or skin such as mosquito movement or neck muscle tension, pain.Some patients often feel inflexible fingers.General after appropriate treatment can be improved, but if the numbness of the body is more stubborn, lasting for a long time, and fixed in a limb, accompanied by limb weakness, cramps, jumping pain, should be timely to the hospital to prevent the occurrence of stroke. (3) The symptoms of inattention and memory loss appear with the continuous aggravation of the disease, which often makes the patient suffer from pain and suffering.The appearance of this symptom is quite distressing, so it often becomes one of the reasons to prompt patients to see a doctor. It is manifested as easy distraction, recent memory loss, often difficult to remember recent things, and the past such as childhood things are fresh.04 want steady fall blood pressure, it is important to note that the four aspects: 1, getting enough sleep hypertension due to physiological function disorder, cerebral cortex will often appear poor sleep quality, in order to assure enough sleep time, and a good night's sleep quality, patients in normal times must get into the habit of daily life sometimes, nap time not too long, otherwise it will affect sleep at night.2, light diet light diet is to lower blood pressure is certain help, the patient's diet needs to be fixed time, but overhunger, not overeating, light is appropriate.The type of food and harmony to be reasonable, often eat protein food, high blood pressure and wind play a beneficial role in prevention and protection, such as soybeans, mung beans, sea cucumbers and some fish protein have a certain antihypertensive effect.3, emotional stability some bad emotions will increase the secretion of hormones, promote the vasospasm contraction of small arteries and make blood pressure fluctuate, increase, and even cardiovascular and cerebrovascular complications.A cheerful and relaxed mood helps to stabilize blood pressure.Accordingly, hypertensive patient should avoid as far as possible all sorts of intense or long-term spirit strike or stimulation, once encounter these negative sex stimulation, should learn "cold processing".4, adhere to exercise exercise can achieve the effect of reducing blood pressure, especially aerobic exercise, full, reasonable and scientific aerobic exercise can make blood pressure decline trend.Aerobic exercise includes walking, jogging, swimming, taijiquan, cycling, mountain climbing, etc., but aerobic exercise can not cure high blood pressure, only can make blood pressure decline trend.Conclusion: Friends in front of the screen, have you ever paid attention to your blood pressure at ordinary times?Test yourself against the latest blood pressure standards. 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