18 people arrested, pubei police found two cases of crowd gambling

2022-04-28 0 By

According to the news of Pubei police on January 25, in order to promote the “2022 spring special action against gambling crimes”, the police in Pubei will not relax their responsibilities and will not relax their efforts to prevent gambling and maintain the overall stability of social security.01 recently, Pubei County public Security Bureau Lemin police station police received a report from the public, in Lemin town Gaoshan village committee gaoshan village near someone using mahjong gambling.Learned clues, police immediately on the gambling dens for investigation and evidence collection work, grasp the relevant situation, police quickly attack, successfully destroyed the hidden gambling dens in the residential building, caught qin silver, Wang Ming, Tang flat and other 8 involved in gambling personnel.At present, 8 illegal personnel have been punished by public security organs according to law.On January 20, the police of Jiangcheng Police Station of Pubei County public Security Bureau found in their work that there were frequent comings and goingswith complicated identities in a tea farm on Jiangbin East Road, Jiangcheng street.The clue soon attracted the attention of the police.Then jiangcheng police station immediately organized personnel to carry out secret investigation, found that the tea in a crowd of gambling.That night 20 xu, after careful deployment, the police will be successful Chen, Weng, Lin and other 10 gambling personnel arrested.At present, Chen mou, Weng Mou, Lin mou and other 10 people have been administrative punishment by public security organs in accordance with the law.The police hint provides the condition for the gambling and the gambling is the illegal behavior, please recognize its essence and the harm, one person gambles, the whole family suffers, the light person is detained, the heavy person is sentenced.Stay away from gambling and cherish your family!If you find any gambling clues, please call “110” in time to report.