An old man with Alzheimer’s disease was met by police on patrol

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An elderly man suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, wandering in the subway, was met by police, eventually the people relay him back home.At 20:30 on February 5th, li Bo, a police officer from Wanzi Station of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, was patrolling ciqikou station of Subway Line 7 when he received a report from subway station staff that an old woman had been wandering in the station hall for a long time.When Li Bo arrived at the scene and asked if he needed help, where to go and whether he was accompanied, the old man replied that he did not know and could not tell his identity clearly. There was no identification on him.After a short communication, the police found that the grandmother may be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, can not remember the way home.Li Bo will take the old man to the duty room, while chatting with the police patiently, while contacting the police station to get peripheral monitoring, find where the old man came from.After chatting for more than half an hour, the old man remembered that he lived in Zhushikou West Street, Xicheng District.After contacting the community police of tianqiao Police Station of Xicheng District Public Security Bureau, where the grandmother lives, we learned that the 72-year-old woman surnamed Li lives alone and suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. She often cannot find her way home.Because Li Bo and duty tasks can not go far, in the subway line 7 Zhushikou station station police Li Quanyin after consultation, decided to send Grandma Li To Zhushikou station by Li Bo, then police Li Quanyin, auxiliary police Liu Zhipeng and a female security inspector relay, at 22 will send Grandma Li home.Beijing Youth Daily reporter Dong Zhenjie editor/Zhang Bin