Awati Township: promote national fitness to help Beijing Winter Olympics

2022-04-28 0 By

In order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the masses, promote the scientific and reasonable concept of fitness, and help the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the village committee of Akairike village of Awati township organized the national fun games on February 16.During the exercise, the villagers not only exercised their bodies, but also felt the happiness brought by sports and cheered for the Beijing Winter Olympics.”Tug of war is my best sport and I take part in it every year.Tug-of-war is not only a test of individual strength, but also a test of teamwork.Today, our tug-of-war team is sure to earn good results, “said Khail Gamali, a member of the second tug-of-war team.The scene of tug of war competition, the villagers all display their skills, riveting full strength to pull the hemp rope in hand.Deafening cheering and cheering show the villagers’ spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair competition.A fierce competition, won the audience cheers, but also let the whole village committee full of laughter.Then the basketball game scene, let the villagers excited.In the game, the team members work together, than speed, than strength, than skills, than tactics, you catch up with me, couragely to take the lead, the arena cheering, cheering and applause, the game scene is both tense and lively, both warm and happy.Nurali Maihemuti, a college student from Akaizhik Village, said, “SINCE the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, I have paid close attention to the events and performances of the Winter Olympics. Today, the village committee is holding a fun games. I want to take an active part in the games.”The fun games not only enhanced the communication between cadres and villagers and the feelings of neighbors, but also strengthened the people’s awareness of national fitness, so as to improve the physical quality of the masses.(Munige Turdi, Correspondent)