Common Mistakes managers Make (Part 3)

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Following six, the main performance of perfection blame has three aspects: 1, the subordinate perfection blame.Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Everyone is good at something, and everyone is bad at something.But the boss is always perfect blame, requiring subordinates this should be able to, that should also be able to, is all-rounder.At the same time, he wanted to keep his head down and work like an old cow, but he also wanted him to look up to the sky when necessary.Ask the other party to have vision, have pattern, also ask him to be obedient, do not have ambition.He is not only required to have professional skills and be able to do all kinds of things well, but also interpersonal skills, leadership skills and communication skills.I hope he has ideas, thinking, a little personality, but at the same time, I hope he is honest, good discipline.I wanted him to think like himself, and I wanted him to be a good talker, so good at everything that he could tell me to do it and not worry about it.It’s not a subordinate. It’s a leader of a leader.If there is anything wrong, he is considered incompetent.As everyone knows, can such a person still be your subordinate?Measure your subordinates by your own standards.Another mistake bosses make is to think everything is easy. The common refrain is “You can’t do anything so simple.”Like our guidance of primary school children, always think: “such a simple question can not do, how can you be so stupid”.What they think is very simple, subordinates should be very simple, also can fix, to their own level to measure subordinates.Remember only the weaknesses of subordinates.Especially the longer you work, the more obvious it becomes.People have selective memories.You will remember your own achievements and strengths, as well as the mistakes of others.It’s a human disease.A boss can only remember the merits of his subordinates for a moment.Take your strengths and accomplishments for granted.I forget it over time.But when you make a mistake, you attribute it to your incompetence.The longer it goes on, the more mistakes you’ll make, and all he’ll remember is your bad.It takes a long time to remember your mistakes.Over time, it will form a label that you are not capable of.It’s a label that will follow you throughout your career, it’s in his head forever, it’s hard to get rid of.Once in a dealer meeting, a dealer mentioned that the quality of products should be improved, but some quality problems always appeared.Result old total said the first sentence: “we can’t guarantee 100% qualified rate, make airplane parts also have unqualified products.”Dealers are not happy to hear this, this is not to find an excuse for their own?As the head of the factory, you can say that, can I still trust the quality of your products?The boss also realized his problem and said the second sentence: “The quality problem is that our company did not manage the quality well.”As soon as I said that, other dealers were even more unhappy. You are in charge of this company. As the head of the company, you cannot push the responsibility to your subordinates.How do you run the company?Who still believes you?As a result, many customers ran away after the dealer meeting.As the general manager of the company, you represent the company, and all the problems are your fault for not managing the company well.You can’t pass the buck.Similarly, as a department manager, you are the head of the department, and all the problems of the department can only be referred to your manager, who has not done a good job.For the outside world, only you are the manager.Can’t and won’t go to other employees in the department.This is called managerial responsibility.But many managers don’t realize this.The department manager, the head of the company, should be responsible for the management of their department, the enterprise.The right approach is to admit that you have a problem with this area, that you have not managed it properly, and to commit to improving.Internal time, first to find out the cause, find a solution, and then can be held responsible for the relevant personnel.When the subordinates do not work well, the leader is also responsible.Even if the subordinate is no good, it is your leader’s problem.You don’t have the right people, you don’t have the right talent, you don’t have the right training, you don’t have the right supervision, you don’t have the right management processes, you don’t have the right things.