Open a highway to form an economic belt high-speed service area into the first scene of Guizhou

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Commercial area, entertainment area, leisure area, goods in the same city, the same quality, the same price, maternal and child room, intelligent toilet, everything…”It’s just like shopping,” said Mr Wang, a tourist from Pengshui, Chongqing, after driving over the Geographical geographical area between Guiyang and Zunyi on the Chongzhou-Zhuhai expressway.Speaking of expressways, it is impossible to bypass service areas. At present, the total mileage of Guizhou expressways exceeds 8,000 kilometers, with 137 pairs of expressways service areas, 102 pairs of parking areas (independent gas stations) and more than 490 toll stations in operation.Among them, 8 pairs of service areas were awarded “National Top 100 Demonstration Service Areas” and 36 pairs of service areas were awarded “National Excellent Service Areas”.Some unique local characteristics, covering more functions of the service area increasingly favored by the masses, into the eyes of travelers into Guizhou “the first scene”.In the tianfu Service Area, Changming Town, Guiding County, Qiannan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, a huge suspended “teapot” is very eye-catching, pouring out “tea” into the cup, the air seems to float leisurely tea fragrance.This creative “tea set” symbolizes the rich tea elements in Guizhou, attracting tourists to clock in as a souvenir.In recent years, according to the principle of “one district with one feature, one district with one brand”, The Department of Transportation of Guizhou Province has integrated ethnic customs, local characteristics and modern elements, strengthened the construction of infrastructure such as shopping, accommodation, leisure and recreation, auto camping and supporting facilities such as sewage and garbage treatment, and renovated and upgraded the expressway service area.Tea-scented Tianfu, wine town Renhuai, Taoyuan Tongren, Red Jiuchang and other expressway service areas with distinctive features, rich formats, beautiful scenery and high quality are distributed along the road.Guizhou promote inter-provincial connection channel, key towns, independent of the key sections of scenic spot gas station 100% to has the function of comprehensive service area, parking area, service management and infrastructure construction 100% service area, parking area, expressway amidst a level, travel environment of both the driving people praise.Next, Guizhou will learn from the experience of service area reconstruction in developed coastal areas, vigorously develop the road development economy, accelerate the in-depth integrated development of “Highway plus”, and build pilot demonstration projects of new service areas represented by Longgong, Xixi, Wujiang and Meitan East with high standards, high standards and high quality.We will strive to form at an early date a transport industry economic belt with transport arteries as the main axis and hub nodes as the support.Guizhou, known as the “World bridge Museum”, contains almost all bridge types in the world today.With rich bridge resources, guizhou bridge and tourism integrated development can be described as the right place at the right time.Since 2021, according to the idea of “opening a highway, revitalizing a service industry, cultivating an industrial chain and forming an economic belt”, the construction of guizhou’s most beautiful expressway has been carried out.We will make solid progress in pilot projects to integrate Bridges and travel services, such as the Pingtang Bridge on the Yuqing (Qing) Book (Heng) expressway, the Balinghe Bridge on the Shanghai (Shanghai) Kun (Ming) expressway, and the Beipanjiang Bridge on the Hangzhou (Zhou) Rui (Li) Expressway. We will vigorously develop the development economy of expressways and promote the formation of a situation in which multiple areas blossom.The “Sky Bridge” service area of Pingtang-Luodian Expressway is the first landing project of the in-depth integrated development of transportation and tourism in Guizhou, and also the first service area of the integrated highway of bridge and tourism in Guizhou province.Travel for better implementation “as a service”, “sky bridge” service area in addition to the basic service function, but also has built the bridge in the bridge hotel, local folk customs show a variety of tour services, such as making a activities, activities such as mountain bike race and international marathon also gives visitors a diversified and personalized travel experience.Nowadays, Guizhou expressway is accelerating its transformation from a single travel function to a complex function integrating transportation, ecology, tourism and consumption.Next, guizhou will be “harmony” to the “good” and explore the new era of “colorful guizhou, best high-speed” create with yan economic development road, and build the new service, and fully implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country “three integration” win-win, to further enhance the level of the highway appearance, boost economic rig.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: