Sun Zhongfu congratulates China on winning the Gold medal in the Mixed relay of Short track Speed Skating

2022-04-28 0 By

Sun Zhongfu (Tianyu Xuanzhu) celebrates China’s gold medal in the mixed short-track speed skating relay.Today, I am the first in the gold medal table.Born in Danlian County, Meizhou, Dongpo’s hometown, Sun Zhong is a member of Chinese Poetry Association and Sichuan Network Writers Association.Born in 1946, college education.Born into a scholarly family, I love ancient poetry all my life. I do not know that I will be old.In the past 20 years, she has published more than 1,000 poems in sina,, Chinese Poetry, Today’s Toutiao, Dongpo Poetry, West China Metropolis Daily and other media.His works “Notes on Du Fu’s Liangchuan Kui Xia Poems” (co-authored with a friend) and “Ode to Reconstruction of Dayatang” are collected by Dayatang Museum.His recent works “Appreciation of Tang Geng’s Poems” (170,000 words) and his poetry collection “Looking up at dongpo” were published by Sichuan University Press.