The “One plus three” New Deal helped businesses and helped promote steady and sound economic development

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Yesterday morning, reporters learned from the press conference on “package” policies and measures to promote the steady and healthy economic development of Henan Province held by the information Office of the Provincial government that in order to achieve the goal of a good start to economic development and a red year, Henan province issued “1+3” package policy documents to support enterprise rescue and rescue.The meeting revealed that the “1+3” policy system, “1” is the “Notice on Furthering Huiqi Rescue work to Promote the Steady and Healthy Development of Economy”, as a comprehensive guidance document,”3″ is the support for small business enterprises in henan province is individual and industrial and commercial door recovery development measures “to promote small industrial enterprises” scale of the implementation opinions on the support high-quality specialization, “new” small and medium enterprises development policies and measures, and points put forward further elaboration in the field of policy measures, cooperate with each other, each file form policy together.The full capacity production award before February 15 is 100,000 yuan. “Notice on Furthering The Rescue work of Huiqi Enterprise to Promote the Steady and Healthy Development of Economy” focuses on promoting the realization of the goal of a good start for the economy.Put forward to improve the implementation of the tax cuts JiangFei policy, encourage enterprises to full production, strengthen enterprise financing support, do a good job in key enterprises recruitment services, to increase support service companies, strengthening the key foreign trade foreign enterprises support, optimize investment approval process, strengthening credit enterprise policy on power, strengthening the construction elements of security, optimization of business environment, etc. 10 policy initiatives.In terms of encouraging enterprises to produce at full load, it is proposed to give a financial reward of 100,000 yuan to industrial enterprises that achieve full load production before February 15 due to the epidemic, the Spring Festival and other factors.A financial reward of 200,000 yuan will be given to the above-specified industrial enterprises that maintain continuous full production in the first quarter and achieve a year-on-year increase of more than 10% in their main business income.In terms of employment services for key enterprises, it is proposed to exempt provincial highway tolls for enterprises renting (including shared rental) vehicles before February 28 to organize employees to return to work “point-to-point”.In terms of strengthening the pro-enterprise policy, the government proposed to speed up the allocation of financial funds, and strive to complete one third of the annual total payment in the first quarter for all kinds of awards and subsidies and special funds directly used in enterprises, industries and projects.Small-scale taxpayers shall apply to the VAT 1% “in henan province support the development of the small business enterprise is individual and industrial and commercial door recovery measures, focusing on affected by the epidemic heavier small business enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, proposed signing stabilization and breaks the rent, can reduce the utility cost, speed up the digital fu, expand consumption demand and supply, simplify examination and approval regulation and so on 10 counts of specific measures.From January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022, the taxable sales income of 3% tax rate applied to small-scale VAT taxpayers shall be reduced to 1% tax rate to levy VAT.In terms of implementing the policy of helping enterprises stabilize employment, the government proposes to continue to implement the policy of reducing unemployment insurance premium and industrial injury insurance premium periodically, and to continue to implement the policy of returning unemployment insurance to small and micro commercial enterprises and individual businesses severely affected by the epidemic, if they insist on no or less layoffs, in accordance with relevant national regulations.In terms of strengthening financing services, it is proposed that for small and micro commercial enterprises and individual industrial and commercial businesses whose loans are due since July 1, 2021 but are difficult to repay the principal, financial institutions can extend the loan repayment arrangement to December 31, 2022 at most by means of loan renewal and extension.10 policy measures to promote the “small rise rules” the promotion of small industrial enterprises on the size of the implementation opinions on promoting “small rise rules”, put forward the classification of partial drive, up rules to strengthen counseling, strengthening financial support, strengthen credit services, play a role of “bear” “protect”, service enterprises, support for enterprise innovation and development, production and marketing docking 10 task,We will increase the number of industrial enterprises above designated size by 2,500 throughout the year and by more than 10,000 during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.Among them, in the implementation of tax and fee preferential policies, proposed the first “small regulation” industrial enterprises to change the name of land use rights and housing ownership, in line with the national enterprise restructuring deed tax policy provisions of the exemption of deed tax, investment subject, business premises unchanged transaction fees according to the provisions.In terms of playing the role of “guarantee” and “guarantee”, it proposes to guide the provincial government financing guarantee institutions to provide financing guarantee services for the cultivation of storehouse entry enterprises and the “small regulation increase” enterprises for the first time, and gradually reduce the average guarantee rate to less than 1%.In terms of the listing of service enterprises, it is proposed that the provincial finance should subsidize the listed enterprises with no more than 0.1% of the financing amount for the enterprises listed in zhongyuan Equity Exchange center, and the maximum subsidy for each enterprise should not exceed 500,000 yuan.”Specialization, the new” enterprise the highest award of 5 million yuan, the support high-quality specialization, “new” small and medium enterprises development policies and measures, focusing on cultivating strong specialization, “new” small and medium-sized enterprises in our province, from cultivating and strengthening the gradient of the fiscal and taxation support, strengthen the financial services, and promote innovation ability, promote the yucai to attract, build service chain, from seven aspects, such as a sound guarantee mechanismPut forward 20 mandate initiatives.In terms of strengthening fiscal and tax support, it is proposed to give a maximum reward of RMB 5 million to small and medium-sized enterprises, universities and institutes that jointly undertake and win the approval of major national projects according to the proportion of state appropriated funds.In terms of promoting the listing of enterprises, it proposes to grant subsidies of no more than 500,000 yuan and 1.5 million yuan respectively to “specialized and new” enterprises applying for listing in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges and Beijing Stock Exchange according to the two nodes of guidance for filing registration and acceptance of declaration materials by China Securities Regulatory Commission (stock exchange).According to the introduction, the intensive introduction of a package of policies and measures, aimed at “real money and silver” to benefit enterprises, stimulate the vitality of market players, enhance the power of economic development.The next step will be to vigorously promote the implementation of policies, timely carry out evaluation of the effect of policy implementation, timely release of new policies to benefit enterprises, so 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