Yaoxi Group 3 is the second stop of “Beautiful Homeland of New Meteorological Garbage Classification”

2022-04-28 0 By

Waste classification in order to further promote and enhance the furnace creek street community residents’ understanding of garbage classification knowledge, improve the awareness of garbage classification, participation rate, accuracy, and make “garbage classification, and everyone involved in” the green idea thorough popular feeling, gradually formed “full participation, voluntary, accurate to participate in” the good situation of garbage classification.Recently, yaoxi street “welcome New Year new weather garbage classification Beautiful homeland” theme publicity activity second stop into Yaoxi three groups, this activity to promote garbage classification knowledge to residents, improve residents’ environmental awareness, create auspicious festive atmosphere.The event site set up a publicity booth, material delivery, parent-child year of the Tiger lantern DIY interaction and other links.”It’s about getting into the habit of having two bins in your kitchen, one for perishables and one for other things.”With their own experience in garbage classification, the propagandists actively explain to residents the way of garbage classification and delivery, and guide residents to correctly place garbage in daily life.After the publicity, guide the physical delivery, and residents who put the correct residents can get a small reward.In order to actively create a traditional New Year atmosphere, the activity also set up a special parent-child Year of the Tiger lantern DIY session, parents and children together to make New Year lanterns, meaning happy reunion.With the development of urbanization, garbage is increasing year by year.The implementation of garbage classification is of great significance to the improvement of residents’ civilization, the improvement of the environment and the recovery and utilization of resources.Through this publicity activity, it strengthens the residents’ understanding of garbage classification knowledge, imperceptively penetrates the classification consciousness into residents’ life, improves residents’ awareness of environmental protection, and makes everyone feel the fun of garbage classification.