Dad recommended, how about Wuling Capgemini?Go out and choose it for family harmony

2022-04-29 0 By

As a dad who indulged in playing with his baby and sucking on his daughter every day, I am sure that my daughter and wife’s needs are the main reason for buying a car. There is no discussion on the matter, so I did not consider a 5-seater car and went for a 6-seater MPV.After comparing Wuling Capgemini, Geely Jiaji, Honda Odyssey and Volkswagen Touran, I finally chose Capgemini. The reason is very simple. I think this car is most suitable for family use.It has been more than two months since I picked up the car. The most satisfying thing is the space of Wuling Capgemini, especially the two-row seats in the state of “big four seats”.If you haven’t been in one yourself, you probably wouldn’t think that a family car of over 100,000 yuan can let you cross your legs in the second row, and can let you “lie flat” in the second row. The lie flat here is really 180° lie flat.Capgemini’s three-row seats tuck into floor level, turning the car into a four-seater, with two-row seats that move forward, backward, left, and right to your most comfortable position.If we switch capgemini to a 6 seater car when there are too many people, even if the car seat takes up one seat, we have 5 seats, and it is enough for us to go out with our wife and parents. In the future, we will also have a second child.The car’s three-row seats also have independent air outlets and USB ports, making it easy and comfortable to sit in even the third row.This space allows us to enjoy the comfort of the MPV, but it is much cheaper than the Honda Odyssey and Volkswagen Touran, which is why I say the Wuling Capgemini is suitable for family use.Of course, if you’re running a business, picking up clients, or doing business, the Honda Odyssey is more expensive, but also more suitable.In terms of power, the 1.5T turbocharged engine and eight-speed CVT automatic transmission simulate, I think it is fully enough for our family. Usually, we are carrying people without pulling goods, so it certainly does not have the sporty feeling of SUV models, but it has better smoothness and comfort.The oil consumption, at present is about 8 oil points, commuting traffic jam this oil consumption feeling is also ok, after all, such a big car body.Another good thing is the shock absorption effect of Capjie. Capjie uses the FSD shock absorption valve system of A Dutch company. From work to my home, we have to pass some old state-owned enterprises.The overall feeling is that Wuling Capgemini is indeed a careful model of Wuling. Not only can the space be seen, but many invisible details are also very careful and thoughtful.The event will run from February 17, 2022 to February 28, 2022