Inter boss Luttaro: Messi is the first man in the world!Seven Golden Globes speaks for itself

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According to reports published on February 3, Inter boss Luttaro spoke to the media about his career and national team leader Lionel Messi.On Messi, the Inter boss said: messi is the first man in the world!Seven Golden Globes speaks for itself!Lautaro, who was linked with Barcelona last season, later revealed in an interview that he did want to join the club.Although lautaro did not have the chance to play with the first player Messi at club level, but in the national team, Lautaro has enjoyed working with the world’s first player.Messi led Argentina to the Copa America last year as player of the year, top scorer, top goalscorer, best player of the game and top 10 categories.Argentina hadn’t won in 28 years. Our dream was to win for Argentina, Lautaro said.Messi is an Argentine icon and no. 1 in the world, and his seven Ballon d ‘Or titles speak for themselves.It was very important for Messi to win the Copa America and I congratulate him.Messi is the favourite to win the Ballon d ‘Or before the FIFA Player of the Year award after leading Argentina to victory over world number two Brazil in the Copa America, making him number one in the world.But there was a very unfair farce in the vote of FIFA. Lewan, who ranked second in the world, defeated Messi, the most popular and the first person in the world, to win the prize, which caused a huge controversy.Of course, Messi is eager to win the prize, but he doesn’t care if he is upset.After all, Messi already has an all-time high of seven Ballon d ‘Or awards and an all-time high of six world Player of the Year awards.But Levan has been sold off, according to reports on February 4, when he gave an interview in which he secretly questioned Whether Messi had voted for him and even suggested that Messi could not maintain the same scoring efficiency at Cristiano Ronaldo’s age.Besides Quammacy, Lautaro also talks about other topics.As a kid, for example, he liked to wear his hair long and played fullback, his father’s position.Because of the speed, the coach was transformed into a winger, and like to score goals.Lautaro also participated in basketball training, but he loved soccer so much that he chose soccer over basketball.Football is far more popular than basketball in Argentina.Of course, Argentina also has basketball obviously, Manu Ginobili was even considered by Maradona as the first Argentine player in history, greater than himself and Messi.In addition to the inter boss Lautalo kua Messi, Argentina famous kempis also analyzed messi at the current stage in the national team situation.Kipes said on February 4 that Messi is not physically capable of playing five games in 10 days and that Scaroni needs to convince messi (who loves to play too much) that he does not need to play all the time.Kempes is betting that Argentina, who are not messi dependent, have a chance to win the World Cup because no national team is a big favorite.