“New Year walk grassroots” Linxian county: Yangko twisted out of a better new life

2022-04-29 0 By

Yangko dance, as a unique intangible cultural heritage of the Han people in northern China, is particularly prominent in Linxian county and is loved by the masses.With the evolution of time, it has added many local cultural elements and become an indispensable “cultural feast” for local people’s major festivals.Lyuliang Taiwan reporter Chen Ran: Kind cattle shake tail to go, Yangko welcome fu Tiger.I am now in qianqingtang Village, Linxian County, behind me by the villagers organized by the spontaneous yangko team, waving colorful fans, twisting the cheerful Yangko, welcome the New Year.A few years ago, lvliang county before the green pond village or local famous poor village.In recent years, with the support of the government, efforts have been made to develop the zongzi industry to promote rural revitalization.At present, it has formed a diversified development pattern with zongzi industry as the leader, cultural tourism, agricultural planting and so on. Last year, the per capita income increased to more than 5,000 yuan.On the occasion of the Spring Festival, villagers dress up in festive costumes, dance a yangko dance and perform an interesting land boat in the streets.Everyone kept twisting, changing the formation, sometimes round, sometimes vertical, with the artistic performance of the way to express the joy of the heart, meaning the year of the tiger neighborhood harmony, family reunion, prosperous day.Wang Junmei, villager of Qianqingtang Village, Linxian County: Because in recent years, with the support of our government, every family has bought a zongzi factory, and we have a good income as the boss. Our life will be more and more prosperous.Linxian county before qingtang village villager Liu Jilin: I wish life as high as sesame blossom, more than a year.Reporter: Zhang Dejin Chen Ran Linxian Tai Song Dongdong Lu Liang news broadcast