On the first day of work after the holiday, these protective details need to be paid attention to

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The Spring Festival holiday has ended and office workers have returned to work to engage in the New Year. Workplaces such as companies and units are different from home, with more people in contact and a high density of personnel. If there is poor ventilation, cross-infection is more likely to occur.Frequent contact with people in public places such as time card, elevator button, stair handrail and bathroom door handle is risky.What protection details should be paid attention to when returning to post after the holiday?On the first day of work after the holiday, we should continue to do a good job of personal protection, keep the workplace frequently ventilated and office appliances frequently disinfected on the basis of strictly complying with the requirements of the epidemic prevention unit.Persons returning to work should confirm whether they have any signs of novel coronavirus infection before returning to work.By measuring their body temperature, they can identify whether they have fever, cough, fatigue, dyspnea, chest tightness and other symptoms, and whether they have been in contact with confirmed or suspected confirmed patients during the Spring Festival.If the above situation occurs, you should take the initiative to report for home isolation.When returning to work, they should strictly abide by the epidemic prevention requirements of the company, including taking body temperature test before entering the company or unit (the company or unit should take body temperature test of all staff entering the office, only those with normal body temperature can enter), scanning “health code” and filling in entry registration information, etc.If you have suspected symptoms such as fever, cough or loss of smell, or have been to medium-high risk areas within 14 days, you should report to your employer immediately.These measures are mainly aimed at early detection of suspected cases, as well as faster screening of contacts, cutting off transmission routes and controlling the spread of the disease.Secondly, companies, units and other working environment to do a good job of environmental cleaning, disinfection.After returning to work, often to the company, unit and other workplaces for ventilation, the best way is to open the door and open the window, not less than half an hour at a time, can also use the fresh air system, central air conditioning, split air conditioning and other ventilation, central air conditioning to the maximum fresh air, return air closed;For elevators, toilets, doorknobs and other surfaces with frequent contact, it is necessary to strengthen cleaning and pay attention to disinfection. It is also necessary to keep the environment clean in public areas and office areas, and remove garbage in time.It is recommended that employees come to the office 10 minutes in advance to do cleaning work on the first day of work.It mainly includes keeping the small office environment clean, such as wiping and disinfecting the desktop, telephone and mouse frequently, opening Windows for ventilation, and cleaning up garbage in time.Wear a mask if the office is crowded and complicated.It is recommended to have meetings via video or online to reduce face-to-face communication. It is necessary to have meetings separately, wear masks throughout the meeting, control the duration, and do disinfection before and after the meeting.Maintain a social distance of more than one meter, do not shake hands and gather less;Take the stairs as far as possible in the lower floors, but also for physical fitness. If you have a higher floor, you should choose the escalator first.After the relevant flow adjustment experience found that the van elevator has a certain risk of virus transmission, when taking, try to keep a distance from others, avoid direct contact with the button by hand.In addition to keeping public and office areas clean, office workers should also pay attention to personal hygiene behaviors, such as washing hands frequently and wearing masks in a scientific way.Develop scientific dining habits: public dining should be scattered, refuse to dine together, eat quickly less talk.To do a good job of travel protection, cough, sneeze to cover nose and mouth, do not rub the eyes.It is recommended to walk, cycle, or take private cars or shuttle buses to and from work.If you are taking public transportation such as subway or bus, avoid touching objects or public parts on the bus and avoid touching passengers who cough or sneeze.After getting off the bus to work, it is recommended to wash hands with running soapy water or use a quick-drying hand disinfectant to do good hand hygiene.When you get home from work, change your coat and wash your hands to disinfect.Staff in exposed positions and service personnel in public places should take strict personal protection measures.Such as airports, railway stations, bus, subway, shopping malls, the farmer’s market, food and beverage, and other key belongs to a special place, where traffic is bigger, the proportion of contact are not familiar with personnel and quantity is big, the probability of infection is also relatively large, so we will strictly implement self health monitoring, all wearing masks, gloves, strengthen the measures such as hand hygiene;In the process of work, we should be on high alert, implement epidemic prevention measures and regulations, guide the public to cooperate with epidemic prevention, spread and provide guidance on epidemic prevention and popular science knowledge, and timely report and handle abnormal cases (suspected patients).Source: Xi ‘an