Population is not a liability but an asset

2022-04-29 0 By

How come China’s population is a developed country when it drops to 100 million?The more people, the better, if food is plentiful and even food stamps maintain adequate rations.The greater the population there, a lot of resources into resources, and a huge amount of population can create many business benefits, huge population can rapid growth of science and technology first, not into resources from population growth, population of Australia is small, lead to local rabbit can’t be hunted, there is a small population of biological invasion, the population more than words could not have biological invasion,There is always a way to process the invading organisms into proteins. At high temperatures, all pathogens will be destroyed except for prions, which are just written in the genes. I believe that in the future technology will have a chance to solve prions.Second, as long as business enough freedom, everyone can become a capitalist, is a self-employed, at least within the population is not the cause of the volume, the capitalists is less, balance the gap between rich and poor, as long as reasonable tax unit volume on the human society is a good thing, Oriental nation pay attention to the collective, part of the human elite human science and technology to their own effort and push the development is not a bad thing,As long as they can get it.Population growth does not necessarily increase property prices, as long as the floor area ratio is high enough, vertical cities, floating cities can be built.Third, can only hold up perfect industrial chain, with a large population has complete industry chain to have the opportunity to technical breakthrough, for example, if our country India, Indochina, Japan and South Korea, the Russian far east, Mongolia, central Asia into China, we can easily replace the United States, China why, population, population management is wealth,Our country already has the ability of managing a population of 1.4 billion, if there are 3 billion people and more land, our country can use of our education system around 2 generations to cultivate a large number of scientific research talents, what high-end lithography is soon to become the world’s first, qianlong era someone made dozens of layer of the ball of the ball, what is this technology, the volume.There has to be somebody, there has to be a demand breakthrough, better than building 10 universities.If the current carbon dioxide starch technology and super high-rise building technology are mature, I think it is not a problem to support 100 billion people on earth. If there are 100 billion people, as long as the management is proper and the system is reasonable, the space elevator and the spaceship industry chain will also mature. The spaceship built by the population through the space elevator, the new space colony,We can even use brain-computer interface and other new technologies to download people’s consciousness into a supercomputer to achieve a certain degree of immortality, but the development of science and technology must be promoted by someone, perfect artificial intelligence.