The 35-year-old Chinese super League veteran has exploded: scoring again after a 12-year hiatus, scoring 86 goals with Shenhua

2022-04-29 0 By

Chinese Super league veteran Moreno is currently playing in Colombia’s first division.He plays for athletic Nacional.Moreno, who had previously played for Shanghai Shenhua, returned to his home league after the Chinese Super League ended with The club, which finished second in the spring league.As a 35-year-old veteran, Moreno’s decline in form during matches is inevitable, which is one of the reasons he left Shanghai Shenhua.As an attacking midfielder, moreno can play in a variety of positions in front and centre. In the Atletico Nacional squad, moreno also plays a central playmaker and a striker.Moreno, who joined Colombian team Atletico Nacional, was not a regular player for the club.The Chinese Super League veteran has made only five appearances in the Colombian first division this season, notably starting only one game.At 35 years of age, such a tall centre-forward does not have the physical advantage, he relies more on his experience and skills to help the team.Moreno’s goal came in Colombia’s serie A spring game away to Envigado.In the closing moments of the first half, the former midfielder headed home atletico nacional’s crucial goal when moreno drove from midfield at high speed into the back of the penalty area and his teammate, who was holding the ball, saw moreno’s position and delivered a perfect pass.Finally this game, the national athletic away 2-1 edged the opponent to obtain the league precious three points.In this game, Moreno can be said to be one of the team’s winners.He had one goal, played 61 minutes, touched the ball 43 times and made a number of successful passes as moreno needed only two shots to score in 61 minutes.More importantly, the midfielder’s outstanding heading ability achieved a 100% success rate in the air.It has to be said that Moreno has been able to play at a higher level after joining his hometown club and his ability is beyond doubt.Moreno’s goal was his first of the season since joining Atletico Nacional as a free agent.Moreno scored for atletico Nacional for the first time in 12 years since he returned to the club 12 years ago.Moreno scored 86 goals and 44 assists in 265 games with Shanghai Shenhua, making him one of the best foreign players in the club’s history.Hope Moreno can achieve more in the Nacional!