Check out the 6 records created by Yang Yang!She is the greatest athlete in China

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She is China’s greatest Winter Olympic athlete, with 59 world championships in her career, the most won by any Chinese athlete.Her name is Yang Yang. Internationally, she is Called Yang Yang A. She is China’s first gold medalist in the Winter Olympic Games. Do you know how many amazing records Yang Yang has created in the past?Let me tell you all about it.Yang Yang took up skating training in 1984 and won her first national title in short track speed skating in the 3,000-meter race in 1991.In 1995, Yang Yang was selected to the National team. In 2002, Yang Yang won China’s first Gold medal at the Winter Olympics, becoming China’s first Winter Olympic champion.In addition, Yang Yang was the women’s 3000m champion and women’s all-around champion in the first race of the first World Short track Speed Skating Series, as well as the annual individual champion and team champion of the first World Short track Series.In 2002, Yang Yang won four gold MEDALS in short track speed skating, namely 500 meters, 1000 meters, 1500 meters and individual all-around, and achieved six consecutive gold MEDALS in individual all-around. Even at present, it is a miracle that no one can surpass.During his career, Yang Yang won 59 world championships, the most of any Chinese athlete.After retiring in 2006, Yang Yang continued to write a legend. She was the first Chinese athlete to be elected to the IOC and the fourth from the Chinese mainland after He Zhenliang, Lu Shengrong and Yu Zaiqing.She is the first female speed skating director in the history of the International Skating Federation.Today, Yang Yang is the president of the Athletes’ Commission of the Beijing Olympic Winter Games organizing Committee and the vice president of the World Anti-Doping Agency. We can only admire her. She is really excellent!