Erqi District of Zhengzhou city has carried out in-depth visits to volunteers and moral model activities

2022-04-30 0 By

To give full play to the volunteer’s demonstration leading role and moral models, further stimulate the jurisdiction chong DE, misfortune for the good positive energy, in 2022 the Spring Festival approaching, district party committee propaganda department has extensively developed in the entire district visits condolences, courtesy moral models and volunteers series of activities, actively create a “good things happen, it’s” thick atmosphere.To thank the volunteers for their tireless efforts to fight the epidemic in early 2022;Governs incorruptibly thanks to moral models, with practical action to carry forward the inheritance dedicated, warm, honest and trustworthy, helpful, old love kiss the morality of filial piety, erqi district designed issued 20000 “erqi district epidemic prevention and control volunteer certificate” letters of consolation, and Spring Festival couplets and rice, noodles, oil, milk, vegetables and other necessities and to care for them and best wishes for happiness in the New Year.Source: Zhengzhou