How can the boss retain the best employees who want to change jobs?Ali chose to do so

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An employee wants to leave because someone else has offered him double salary. No matter how much affection he has with the company, he can’t accept the temptation. He wants to leave.Then, the head of the company wants to keep the employee, so he talks to the company’s top management and HR about whether we can meet his salary expectations.And for someone like him to go out on the market for him, he can actually get the salary.But H R told him, sorry, our company’s salary adjustment this year is not more than 20 percent.If I double his wages, the team will be lopsided.So HR doesn’t do that, and then, you know, the executives, and the executives say how can you add so many companies?The executive said, “That’s what they make out there.” Then the executive said, “How can you do that?”He goes to somebody else’s company, somebody else uses his appearance ability, he is in our company how many years, six years, he is our company’s internal training person, how can compare with outside airborne person?Have you heard such a voice, many of you have this concept, always feel that he is my cultivation.He’s nothing since he came in. He learned this stuff today. It’s normal for him to be paid less than others.I’d like to hire a new person.That should be taller than him.Well, if you think so, then he can become a different kind of fitness person in someone else’s company, and he can realize his idea in no time.And then what? You bring in one of those guys, and you find $2 million.He offered you $2 million, and you couldn’t hold on to $2 million, and you brought in $2.6 million.Do you have any?Sometimes the boss bet on this tone, how so no feelings of so realistic, with me to talk about the price, I would rather go outside to find.It took me half a year to find it, and then the price was still higher, and I sold it to.Every year is not a year, only one mind, he can several times a year, employees can submit their own salary.How to say, employees look at all his positions, he is benchmarking, he doesn’t tell you.The so-called corporate and internal cultivation are both problematic.Let me tell you something, how much do you think your market value is?And then you say to the company, I’m going to make $1 million this year, and I want the company to increase it to $1.3 million, and I’m worth it right now.The question is, if this person were to come back for an interview, how much would I pay him?If this is the guy I’m going to pay him, I’m going to pay him 1.3 million dollars just for you guys, that’s what he is, it’s totally.His company’s employees are like this, that is, they can go to the company to talk about wages.But do you think if I give 300,000 company evaluation, well, you interview from now, I will not give you a price, I can give you 1.2 million at most, but you want 1.3 million, others give you 1.3 million, then you leave it doesn’t matter, you leave the company.But the process of mutual selection.So it’s perfectly normal for his employees to come in, the employees themselves, but I price it exactly according to the market.# of finance and economics