Let everyone down Wu Lei!Western media: the back two games can not call wu Lei

2022-04-30 0 By

Wu Lei is currently the biggest player in Chinese football. He is the only Chinese football player to play in the first team of la Liga, one of the five major European leagues.But in China’s two games against Japan and Vietnam, Wu lei’s performance was lackluster, disappointing everyone.Western media comment on the Chinese team behind the 2 games can no longer call wu Lei.Although Wu Lei is said to be playing football in the Spanish liga, but this year he can play the game time little and little, often bitter sit on the bench.Now Even if Wu Lei returned China team also did not have before natural and unrestrained and confident.On the court, China’s superstar Wu Lei almost the whole invisible, especially after Li Xiaopeng took office of the two games, China’s team 0 goals, the number of shots is very few.Most fans hope wu Lei is also very disappointing.In the game between China and Japan on January 27, Wu Lei started and played the whole game. Although he was invisible, Li Xiaopeng still trusted Wu Lei.Last night, Wu Lei started again against Vietnam, but this time he also let Li Xiaopeng disappointed, in the game 66 minutes Wu Lei was removed early.Now China team did not appear probability completely indeed, the match behind the national football team can also be more with young players to try, and Wu Lei can also really need not come back.According to as, Wu lei will return to Spain in a few days to prepare for the February 8 match, so that the Chinese team will not have to call wu lei for the next match, and avoid useless travel.I have to say, Wu Lei really disappointed all those who followed him.However, this also has something to do with wu lei’s inability to play football in La Liga. I hope wu Lei can make a good decision on his future in the winter window. Anyway, only when he can play football can he have a future.(the way)