Look at the job changes. Do you have any?

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After the Spring Festival and the beginning of the New Year, February and March are the time when many workers change jobs.From the eight character numerology to see which fleeting years of work easy to change, yi Jing world for everyone to introduce.1. In the year of chong, gram and match, the work is changed. The official star represents work, career and status.Generally in the great luck or time and eight characters have chong, gram, official star, is the opportunity to work may change.Job changes occur when the good fortune and the time flies against the official star.If the official star uses god for pleasure in numerology, this change will be fulfilled in a bad direction, such as demotion, salary reduction, hard working environment, etc.If the official star is hit to avoid god, by the time of great luck chong, grams, will be a good direction of change, such as promotion, pay rise, superior environment and so on.When the official star of good fortune and time passes together in the eight characters, it is also a time of change in work. The official star is fond of god, and the work will be better, but it will develop in a bad direction to avoid god, and it is destined to engage in a new job.In dry years, jobs are subject to change. A regular official often means doing the same work as before, while a partial official often means doing something new.In a dry year, it is inevitable that there will be new working trends, changes or new projects.Time seven kill auspicious, said that the Lord of the year to enhance the dedication, with the ambition to create a new situation in the career.The work performance is positive and motivated, can get the superior recognition, the promotion probability is big, conducive to the examination, for financial success.Time seven kill for avoid, work pressure, poor living environment, less contact between friends, irritable mood, bad temper, easy to impulsive anger, and others have official non-verbal things, easy to be framed by small people, physically vulnerable to injury, money and expense.3, positive bias printing on chong, gram, and the year, most of the time for work changes printed star said documents, so there is the meaning of transfer;The star is equivalent to the official seal, so it represents the right.There are often printed stars, the first thing to consider is related to learning, related to elders, related to rights, corresponding to the age of the person, the nature of the work comprehensive judgment.All in the great luck and time, especially time chong, gram, eight character printed star, is the opportunity to work may change;When the printed stars and the characters in the eight characters have chong, gram and harmony, it is often the time for work to change.Great luck, time when the star appeared, especially when the official, more likely to change the work and the real power.If it is a positive seal, it means that it is natural and has the actual power. If it is a negative seal, it means that it has less power, such as deputy post.4, the time of dry branch chong, the original bureau with god, the work has changed for some people who did not print stars, to see whether it is career change, mainly to see whether the dry branch of the time can chong grams in the original bureau with god.Especially if the Lord’s god is an official, a powerful person, or a rich person, if he or she uses god, his or her career will change, and most of them are bad changes, such as resignation, unemployment, loss of wealth, loss of honor and so on.5, in the year of the pony star, the work is easy to change the pony star in the eight characters on behalf of migration, moving meaning, so when the big luck or fleeting pony star meet chong, gram, and when, there will be changes in the living environment.Pay attention to the public account Yijing World.Ancient book says: ordinary people post horse more rush about, nobles post horse more rise jump.Pony star for bogey, will work hard, pony star for Xi more will go out for money, rich.Pony star check method: to year branch or day branch point of view, Shenzi Chen horse in Yin, Yin Afternoon xu ma in Shen, si you ugly horse in hai, Hai MAO not horse in si.6, time, dayun days and grams of chong, easy to change the universiade in the character of eight, said a stage of the environment, time said a stage within the small environment.The natural environment at this stage, whether good or bad, will have great changes.If the chong gram sensing positive wealth, printing star, or official killed, naturally easy to reflect in these matters, the work is bound to change.7, in the year of the injury of the official star, there are also changes in the information of the job injury of the official, the injury of the officer is the officer of the blunt gram, in the year of the injury of the officer, that is not satisfied with the existing work, the psychological strength of change, so it is often the time for work change.