Tongshan county municipal company organized cadres and workers to carry out snow removal ice action

2022-04-30 0 By

A ruixue raid, let mountain city overnight became the world of snow.While the snow brings joy to everyone, it also brings inconvenience to the citizens.In order to remove snow, eliminate road safety risks, On February 7, the county municipal company organized cadres and workers to the county bridge road surface to carry out the snow deicing action.At 9 o ‘clock in the morning, the cadres and workers of the county municipal company with brooms, shovels and other tools came to the county new Town bridge, Moon Bay Bridge, the head of the Education Bureau, Songjia Bridge and other sections of the road to clean up.The snow clearing scene is in full force and a busy scene. Everyone cleans up section by section and pushes forward in an orderly manner, especially for pedestrians and slippery sections such as sidewalks and zebra crossings, repeatedly pushing and shoveling and cleaning.After more than 2 hours of joint efforts, the city bridge around the snow was basically cleared, effectively ensure the urban road safety and smooth and clean urban environment, for the majority of citizens to travel and the masses provide convenience.(Media reporter Tan Yuanfei)