White House urges Americans to leave Ukraine within 48 hours, Biden: If they open fire, it will be world war

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White House officials say U.S. President Joe Biden is likely to speak with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the phone Monday morning.White House National Security Adviser Mike Sullivan said the U.S. believes Russia could use force against Ukraine as early as next week or try to start a conflict inside the country.On the other hand, the United States has been increasing its military presence in Eastern Europe, and its naval presence in Europe is now at its strongest in recent years.At a news conference at the White House, White House National Security Adviser Mike Sullivan said the United States believes Russia could take military action against Ukraine in the next week, and possibly in the next two days.Sullivan said the United States still does not know whether Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a decision to invade.But the US decided that Russia had everything in place for a quick invasion of Ukraine.Sullivan said a Russian attack would likely begin with aerial bombardment and missile strikes that would lead to widespread civilian casualties, and Sullivan urged the Americans to leave Ukraine as soon as possible.In the event of a conflict, U.S. troops will not go into Ukraine to evacuate Americans.(SOUNDBITE) (English) Sullivan, White House NATIONAL Security Adviser, SAYING: “Any Americans who are in Ukraine in the next 24 to 48 hours should leave as soon as possible anyway.I obviously cannot predict the exact form or scope of military action.As I said before, it can take many forms.It could be more limited, it could be more extensive, but it could very well involve the capture of a lot of Territory in Ukraine and the capture of major cities including the capital.”Sullivan warned that NATO would respond decisively if Russia took military action, and that the costs for Moscow would be long-term.Sullivan said U.S. President Joe Biden may speak with Putin, but did not say when.CNN later reported, citing sources familiar with the matter, that the two leaders are likely to speak on the phone on December 12.The United States is sending more troops to Europe as it accuses Russia of beefing up its military presence along Ukraine’s eastern border.Four DESTROyers from the U.S. Atlantic Fleet left their home ports in Virginia and Florida last month and are on their way to the Mediterranean to bolster NATO defenses.With the addition of the four destroyers to the U.S. Sixth Fleet, the U.S. navy will have its strongest presence in Europe in recent years, analysts say.The United States has at least a dozen destroyers, a cruiser and the USS Truman aircraft carrier battle group on the ground.In addition, the Pentagon announced last week that it would send an additional 2,000 U.S. troops to Poland and Germany, and move 1,000 troops from Germany to Romania.At the same time, the U.S. Air Force has deployed six F-15ES and four F-15Cs to Estonia and Poland.Four US Air Force B-52 bombers also arrived in Britain on the 10th.There are reports that us and allied surveillance planes have been pouring into Europe to keep a close eye on the border with Ukraine.A monitoring website detected 22 reconnaissance planes from the U.S., The U.K., Canada, and Sweden on Monday.U.S. President Joe Biden urged U.S. citizens in Ukraine to leave immediately in an interview with the press on Wednesday.Because the United States is not dealing with a terrorist group, but with one of the largest militaries in the world, the situation is unusual and could quickly spiral out of control.Mr. Biden also ruled out sending troops to Ukraine to rescue Americans, describing a world war if the United States and Russia opened fire.The U.S. State Department has also issued a warning to American citizens in Ukraine that if Russia takes military action in Ukraine, the United States will not be able to evacuate Its citizens and regular CONSULAR services in Ukraine will be severely affected.On February 11 local time, the Chinese Embassy in Ukraine issued a message reminding Chinese citizens in Ukraine to step up protection against the novel coronavirus and pay close attention to the local situation.The Embassy pointed out that the situation in Ukraine has become increasingly serious recently, and the current tension between Ukraine and Russia has drawn attention from many people. The Embassy reminded Chinese citizens in Ukraine to take good precautions against the epidemic, especially not to relax the protection of young children, and at the same time to pay close attention to the changes of the situation and enhance the awareness of prevention.Ukraine’s Foreign Minister alexei Kuleba said Monday that he expects Russia to explain to Ukraine within 48 hours the motives and information of its military buildup along the border with Russia and in Crimea.Russian Foreign Ministry sources said Ukraine’s demands about Russian military activities were completely unreasonable.All Russian forces on the Border with Ukraine are under the strict control of the Russian Ministry of Defense, and there will not and cannot be any accidental firing, as in Ukraine.Source: Phoenix SATELLITE TV Information station editor: Qiu Guo