Will the US cheat during the Winter Olympics?Defense Ministry spokesperson: The Chinese military is fully prepared

2022-04-30 0 By

Over the years, the United States has never given up provoking China from all aspects, trying to use all kinds of despicable means to drag China into the water, restrict China’s development, hit China’s influence, but all these obviously failed to achieve, when the United States tried to impose obstacles to China, China is getting stronger and stronger.Such strength is not only demonstrated in economic, military and scientific strength, but also in the handling of foreign relations.In the run-up to the much-anticipated Winter Olympics in Beijing, the United States has pulled off a series of tricks from last year to prevent the games from going ahead.First of all, the US took the lead in initiating a boycott of the Winter Olympic Games, and continued to spread its influence among its Allies. Unfortunately, all of this failed to achieve its goal. Even the US began to issue visas to its own officials because of its embarrassment.In addition, the U.S. delegation to the Winter Olympics includes experts from the U.S. military and biology.It is hard not to suspect the United States of ulterior motives to include these two men in the ranks of athletes.Finally, the US agreed that the US embassy in China could decide whether to evacuate according to the development of the epidemic.For this move of the United States, its intention is nothing more than to use the epidemic to smear China.Not only that, but in China’s neighborhood, the United States has sent several aircraft carriers to demonstrate in an attempt to make another provocative move during the Winter Olympics.In response to these actions of the United States, China is not afraid of the negative shadow. It has made it clear that it is absolutely at ease.’The Chinese military is fully prepared for external provocations and emergencies,’ Senior Col. Wu Qian, spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense, said in response to reporters’ questions, according to media reports.The Beijing Winter Olympic Games are about to begin, which will be another major international sporting event held in China after the 2008 Beijing Olympics.Even before the Winter Olympics came, the United States tried every means to interfere, try to block its normal hosting.But for now, most countries have not been influenced by the United States, still choose to send representatives to the normal, even attending the Winter Olympics more and more national leaders.With the pandemic crisis still unfolding, the presence of these foreign leaders and representatives of international organizations is not only a symbol of confidence in China, but also a sign that the HEGEMonic coziness of the US cannot work.Some references: People’s Daily online, National Defense Times