2/14 Monday events: Serie A + La Liga, Spezia vs Fiorentina, mallorca vs Biba!

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Yesterday is really black hemp, I now see any game is a tie, see which strong team are by the ball square win, simply!Yesterday’s recommendation was in a mess, and the director opened the mode of cutting leeks, so please look after your wallet, waiting for the arrival of the Champions League!There are few events on Monday, so I will study it thoroughly. I hope it will be full today!Spezia are out of the relegation zone thanks to a winning streak and big Brother, but the pressure is still on and the desire to snatch points is still there.Fiorentina are through to the final after a disappointing run of form that saw them beat Atalanta in the Coppa Italia.Fiorentina have twice won 3-0 at home in the last meeting, plus the victory in the last round, and this is definitely the dominant side.However, the outside world is only to the purple lily 2 concessions, apparently based on physical concerns, but now the data is still focused on purple lily, in the premise of still keeping level, I think it can still support the purple lily win one notch!Monday 002: Faile Havre vs Bastia 2022-02-15 03:45 Overall, there must be a bit of a quality gap between the two sides.Bastia is promoted, the team is no matter the strength of the lineup, or the overall level is obviously lower.However, le Havre’s recent status is also relatively average, the last 10 games only 2 wins, offensive performance a bit of dumb fire signs.With Bastia playing in the France Cup on the 11th, there is definitely a physical problem.The first leg between the two sides, Bastia was a strong home to keep the draw, and today bastia has a physical disadvantage under the premise, the outside world is still only opened the home first grade concession, the afternoon market also retreated to 0, is obviously unfavorable le Havre performance.So I might be more focused on Bastia this time.West Bromwich albion v Blackburn Rovers in the Championship Monday 003: West Brom 3 in a row, Blackburn 2 in a row, and the opposition is not particularly strong of the kind, it shows how bad the two sides are.Both sides of the first leg, west Brom away 2-1 victory over Blackburn rovers, natural to occupy a certain psychological advantage.And today the outside world initially gave West Brom 2 level concessions, combined with both sides of the current situation is a bit bad, this concession is too advantage, and the afternoon market also rose to 3 level early, no doubt deepened the suspicion of temptation.So this game I think there is a lot of possibility of a draw.Monday 004: Real Mallorca vs Athletic Bilbal in La Liga Time: 2022-02-15 04:00 This game has several highlights, real mallorca avoiding relegation, Bilbao physical inferiority.Real Mallorca are now under pressure to avoid relegation after a series of heavy defeats that left them fourth from bottom.Bilbao obviously don’t have that much to worry about. The only thing to worry about is bilbao’s players are under a lot of pressure physically because of the tough games in the Copa del Rey, because Bilbao’s style of play is to fight hard, so the players are very demanding.It was a concession to the away division today, a slight concession given bilbao’s past victories against real Mallorca.Based on the above information, I think mallorca has a chance to win the match!Direction: Jean win (win), score: 2-1,1-1 Monday 005: Portugal aroca vs Maridimo Time: 2022-02-15 04:15 Direction: Win/draw (win), score: 2-1,1-0